Tuesday, June 9, 2009

shred share

Since my Blogoversary winner, Loukia, chose the 30-Day Shred as her prize, I plan on at least trying doing (I'm going to do it! Really!) the Shred along with her.

I know I'm a bit late to jump on this bandwagon as there has previously been quite a buzz around the blogosphere about this workout DVD by Jillian Michaels. Even though I'm a lemming lagging behind, I hope to find a few others to join me us on this workout nightmare adventure. I'll be blogging about it either way, but it would be fun to have some friends/accomplices/accountability.

I propose that any interested parties leave a comment here -a letter of intent, so to speak- so I can see if there's any interest. I know there a thread going on over at TBW, but I thought it would be fun to blog about it too. I know that Shannon/A Crafty Mom and Jen have it, and my sister-in-law Sara and her friend Kristin said they both wanted to do it (they can represent the West Coast sistahs). Was it Annie or Rebecca who said they were thinking about it?

Cmon, it'll be fun!

(Actually, from what I've heard it'll be far from "fun", but at least we'll be able to not have fun together.)

Oh, and there will be pictures.

(unless I chicken out)

Who's in? If anyone else is interested in shredding along with Lou and me, we can wait until next week to start, say the 15th?


  1. I'm scared to even put it in the DVD player! Hey - do you know if I need anything? Like, skipping rope, weights? And is this something I can do on the main floor of my house after the kids are asleep or will I be making too much noice? Would it be better if I did it in the basement?

  2. I have NO IDEA other than hand weights are needed at some point. Although you can do it without to start. Maybe I remember talk of a jumping rope... If you figure it out, let me know. Maybe we should twitter (tweet?) Shannon.

  3. Why you don't watch it first, before you start? Then you will know the moves a little and what you need to do it! (Hum...and maybe get discourage and hide you DVD far far away!)
    Have fun and give me some news about it!

  4. I'm totally in! I started it yesterday actually, so I've already got 2 days of level 1 under my belt, and currently am unable to walk, BUT... I'm still in :)

  5. I am going to have to invest in this DVD after I have the baby.

  6. Um....I need to think about it....I'm really scared...:)

  7. I'll do it with you guys - let me know when you plan to start, and I'm in!


  8. The 15th sounds good. You need hand weights and a floor mat (if you don't have a carpet) and you don't need a jumping rope. Good luck everyone!

  9. Um, Whoa! Don't be signing me up cuz you are Crazy with a capital C if you think it's happening ;)

    I think it's great that you and Loukia (and others) are giving it a try, even though from what I see on Twitter 'fun' isn't the best description ;)

    *if* you like it a lot, maybe I'd consider it then...

  10. @Loukia Looks like we need hand weights, a jump rope and a mat if you're not on carpet. I also need shoes! I haven't bought running shoes since high school (other than soccer shoes). I've read that cross trainers are the best for this workout.

    @Tia Yeah! You can hold our hands/kick us in the rear if we start to waver.

    @Chantal Hurry up baby, mama wants to Shred (actually, mama's probably going to be thanking her lucky stars that she's NOT shredding!)

    @Sara Cmon, you know you want to. Say YES to the Shred.

    @Maria We'll be in touch, but likely start is Monday, June 15th.

    @Jen You'll have to let us all know what Iain says. Does he think it's a good idea to do it every day?

    @Rebecca Whoa. K. Must've been Annie... who's clearly not as chicken as you... just sayin'.

  11. I'm ready for the 15th! (Well not really bu I"M DOING IT!) I'll borrow my mother-in-laws hand weights. Yes she is way more fit then me. She's like Jane Fonda! LOL! And my sister's floor mat. She is also way more fit then me. Sigh. I need to Shred. FYI, I'm not posting my measurements online NOR will I actually be taking my measurements. Measurements depress me way more than stepping on the scale. I will announce how much weight I lose, though! I'll be dieting, too. Probably WW?


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