Monday, June 8, 2009

cause sometimes 140 characters just ain't enough

This morning was one of those mornings. The kind that makes you want to head back to bed by 9am. The kind that makes you Tweet things like this:

And then find this when you got home from grocery shopping,

Awww, y'all care! Nothing awful happened, really. I was just whining. But because 140 character wouldn't have been enough, I just left that cryptic nugget.

So what had me acting like a four year old?

- I didn't get enough sleep last night;
- not only did my children wake with the birds, but they insisted on forcing parenting duties on me at a much earlier hour than I'd planned;
- my darling cherubs decided to hit, whine, fight, whine, kick, scream and whine all morning... any wonder that *I* was whiny??
- I'd forgotten to soak flour for pancakes last night which resulted in a less than stellar breakfast and more whining;
- our taps were running brown last night, I'm afraid to drink the water and our Brita is empty;
- Andrew, who hadn't pooped in two days, required not only two diaper changes before 9am but also two head-to-toe clothing changes;
- the forecast for Friday says 70% of rain, and
- Simon knocked over his glass of goat's milk (very expensive $3/liter goat's milk, which is like $12/gallon for my friends south of the boarder) and it ran across the table, down the wall AND INTO THE HEATING REGISTER

So that's what broke me. The milk in the register. The expensive milk in the register.

The issue with Friday's weather is that we're planning another birthday party for Liam, this time with his entire class. Although this will be a decidedly more low key party than the one a few weeks ago, I'm COUNTING on it being outside. If you remember, it was Liam's choice to have a big party without presents instead of only inviting six classmates who would bring gifts. That means there are nineteen 5 and 6 year olds invited! I'd honestly rather cancel it altogether than have it inside, which I know would break Liam's heart.

So pray for sunshine.

And patience.


  1. OH, my day was not so great either...

    read it...maybe you'll feel better...or at least chuckle :)

  2. Are you sure you want some payer for patience Amy?! You don't know what's happenning when you pray for that???
    Love ya
    (And don't worry...usualy when the forcast says's never what we will get! Haha!)

  3. oh the whining alone is enough to push an otherwise perfectly sane individual over the edge, never mind the expensive milk in the register. hope it got better.
    and i love the internets for venting and getting sympathetic responses. love it.

  4. Seriously, you are having a party with 19 five and six year olds? You are a SAINT, woman.

    May the force be with you.

  5. There are days when we can feel them age us isn't there?

    Weather is not trustworthy until a minute before I think!

  6. Ugh... I don't blame you. Bed would be very tempting for me too... especially milk in the register!

  7. Ah, the flashbacks ... remember the one thing that could be counted on to have a cleaning crew come in to scrape me off the walls, ceiling, or wherever ... SPILLED MILK!! You are your mother's daughter in many ways and it would appear this particular apple did not fall far from the tree although your reason?? for going ballistic was more monetary than mine. I'm sure Simon fared better than Joey. Let's hope tomorrow is a better day! Hey, all you fans and fellowbloggers ... Amy & Pete are celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary on June 10. Wish we could be there but lots of love will have to see you into the last year of your
    1st decade .... xoxoxoxo!!

  8. Sounds like you had a day that I know well, sometimes the stars align to make such days. Hope things are much, much better by tomorrow!

    and that the weather smartens up both there and here. I think spring has become a myth!

  9. friday is still far away. The forcast will have changed by then for sure. Hugs.

  10. Love your new header, Amy! Hope you're doing okay. I have days like that almost daily... sigh! Praying for sunshine on Friday...

    Guess what? My Shred DVD came in the mail yesterday... do you have yours? When should we start? Tonight? GULP I am so scared!


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