Thursday, June 11, 2009

gah! better get off the computer!

Things to do today: (will cross off when complete)

- cut pool noodles to size for lightsabers and decorate lightsaber "hilts" half done the hilts
- make rice crispy cake
- blow up balloons
- clean the playroom (I'll spare you pictures of its current state) cleaned, but not vacuumed
- finish the load of diaper laundry and hang them out to dry used the dryer instead
- do more laundry done
- wash the dishes washed
- bake bread baked
- soak flour for pancakes tomorrow morning
- soak nuts to roast tomorrow soaked
- soak oats for breakfast Saturday morning (I know! I'm thinking ahead for once this week!) soaked
- shower so I don't look like a total disaster for the Ottawomen meetup tonight
- pray that the forecast changes back to sunshine so that I'm not stuck in the house tomorrow afternoon with a gaggle of lightsaber-wielding six year olds done many times over

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  1. Wasn't yesterday your guy's anniversary? Where is the blog celebrating all the glorious contributions your wonderful husband you always brag about has bestowed upon you, your children and your marriage? Shui vraiment decu, englaise sans conscience...

  2. that's a lot of work for you... I hate doing chores!

    Here's mine

  3. Now that you have it all done. The six year olds will turn things upside down again. LoL Kids, gotta luv 'em.
    Happy T13!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!!! Amy and Peter!!!!! Anxious to hear how the party goes and would love to be there! Hugs! Dianne

  5. Thank you Lord for the sun and the beautiful wheater!!! :) Hope the kids will have fun! :)

  6. It was great to see you last night. I wish the setting would have been friendly towards mingling, it was hard to yell across the room. I am sure your party was a huge success. And I must ask (cause I am a dufus). Why do you soak your flour before your pancakes. Is it a special flour?

  7. Ha ha - life of a mom. Do people ever have the audacity to say to you, "So, you don't work?" I did it for 5 years when mine was little. I wish it could have been longer. This all looks like so much fun to me right now

  8. I'm wondering about the flour too!


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