Tuesday, April 28, 2009

meal plan monday - April 27th

Last week's menu plan went deliciously well.

Monday, as planned, I roast two (albeit small) chickens. I finally got around to trying the stir-fried cabbage... I'm the only one who liked it. Can't win 'em all.

Thai Lettuce Wraps that were so good I posted the recipe for you all. These will make an appearance after every roasted chicken from now on.

Roasted red pepper and garlic soup. *ETA: I posted the recipe HERE.*

Grilled tilapia and asparagus over coconut rice with a dijon hemp dressing. SO. GOOD. And how about that presentation? I know, right? Someone watches a bit too much Food Network...

Saturday, I'd planned to have corn chowder, but we ended up ordering pizza. (menu plan FAIL). We haven't ordered pizza since January though, which is big for us. We used to order 2-3 times a month.

This week will be a bit less exciting as I was running out of $$ in our food budget. HERE are my groceries

- we were over at friends for a birthday party last night (Bonne Fete, Jean-Samuel!)

- leftover pizza
- spinach salad

- corn chowder
- fresh homemade bread

- chicken/chickpea curry w sweet potatoes and mango
- coconut rice

- pork roast (from the freezer)
- green beans
- some sort of potato

- leftovers

- depends on what's in the flyers this week.

My new month-and new $400 budget- starts Friday, but I'm hoping to make it to Saturday or even Sunday before spending any of it.

For more great menu ideas, check out Menu Plan Monday at orgjunkie.com.

p.s. Looking at all those pictures, is my white balance ever off, eh? Sorry.


  1. WOW! I'm glad I found your blog - I love the review from last week. I will definitely be making the Thai Lettuce Wraps - thanks for sharing that one...speaking of sharing...can you please tell me about the coconut rice? I love coconut. Thanks!

  2. Looks yummy Amy!! I am a total food network addict too.....We LOVE Chef Micheal here...and Anna Olson, but Micheal is our fav!!Can you believe he is the world's tallest chef?!?! I believe I read he is 6'7"!!! WOWSA!!

    The Red Pepper soup looks DELISH!!! I can't wait for the recipe!! (hmmmmmm, I think that may be a tad obvious, no?!?!)

  3. Oh, that soup looks scrumptious! I still wanna try those lettuce wraps! My meals aren't nearly so wonderous... but my monthly budget (food and toiletries together) is $300/month...


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