Tuesday, April 28, 2009

playroom tackle

No I didn't empty all the toys onto the floor just to make a good "before" picture. It really was this bad. The nice weather we've been having makes me even less enthusiastic than normal for house work.

If that's possible.

Since it was SO NICE this weekend, there really isn't a room in the house that doesn't need some work. I hardly even know where to start really... Top to bottom? Back of the house to the front? Prioritize somehow?

Instead, I chose to tackle the room where I could make Simon help spend time with Simon while I tidied. Thankfully it gave me that chance to discard a bunch of junk that Liam's brought home from school. Cheap, junky, plastic trinkets that he would've claimed were his "most favorite toy. EVER." if he'd been around. And after almost two hours? BEHOLD.

(sigh) Makes my heart sing.

One of these days SOON, I'm going to go through the toys and pack away at least half. There's so much. They don't play with the majority of it. I want to simplify their choices.

And make it easier to clean up.

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  1. This looks great! Great job!!! I have one son and I remove a few toys every week and hide them in an unused spare bedroom, when I bring it back a few weeks later he plays with it like it's new!!!

  2. Our playroom currently looks like your Before picture! Great tackle - thanks for inspiring me to clean up our room!


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