Saturday, April 4, 2009

Liam: month 70


You got a little hair cut this month, Liam.

Looking back through pictures from 2007, it seems we did the same thing around this same time last year (however that time, I was forced to cut off almost 12" of lovely, golden curls... through tears). You were excited to go to school after this recent buzz and, when you got off the bus, proudly announced that you felt like a dog or a cat with all the kids rubbing your head.

I was so proud.

This month, you've started staying at school for lunch a few days each week. It's not out of necessity. I'm always here. But you really, reeeeally wanted to try staying for lunch.

This was something that I struggled with initially and, even though it is nice to have my schedule freed up some days, I miss you when you're gone all day. I feel somewhat guilty that my five year old is gone for 6 1/2 hours.

Ugh, writing it down makes it sound even worse.

(I felt even more guilty when I realized that the granola bars I'd been sending in your lunch had HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) in them. How'd that stuff even get into Canada?!)

However I have to remember that when school started, it took a full month before I could even leave the school grounds before the bell rang (see here and here). You've come a long way. You enjoy school (once we get past the whining about having to leave your Lego behind each day), your school mates clearly adore you, and your french has improved dramatically as of late.

Speaking of Lego, one of your favorite past-times is to watch Lego videos on YouTube. Commercials, product reviews, stop-action films, the building of Star Wars Lego sets in fast forward. For several weeks now, you've been bugging me asking to do a review of your own. We haven't uploaded it to YouTube yet, but here, without further ado, is your first ever Lego review for YouTube.

As we watched it back for the first time, I kept my eye on you more than the computer screen. The grin on your face and twinkle in your eyes was more than compensation for having to find the camera, realize that batteries were dead, hunt for new batteries, replace said dead batteries, play camera man (not terribly well either, but hey, it was my first time too!), download the video and wait 45 minutes for upload the video to upload to Vimeo.

I might even be persuaded to do it again.


  1. Love the hair! I should do that to my son. he would love it.

  2. My nephew and cousin's little guy are sporting the same hair! It seems to be all the rage! LOL

  3. What a stud! I'm so glad that he's liking school so much, even though it's hard to leave him there for longer. I'll be watching the lego review soon too. Happy Month 70 Liam! :)


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