Tuesday, February 17, 2009

move over Marlon Brando

Today -like every day- when I dropped Liam off at school, there was a group of kids waiting to greet him at the entrance to the school yard.

Today was different though.

In addition to the normal hugs and hellos, two boys draped their arms over his shoulders WHILE ANOTHER TOOK HIS BAG FOR HIM. Two or three girls followed behind. After a few steps, he sat down on one of the school sleds and the boys immediately jumped to pull him and one of the girls around the yard.

I'll worry if they start to kiss him on the cheek and call him "the Don" (I suppose it would be "le Don" in french) or if he asks where he could find a severed horses head...

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  1. haha, wow, what a stud! It must be great to see how much all the kids love him. :) He's going to be a heart breaker!


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