Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Andrew: month 1

There's not too much to say about you yet, Andrew. You are BY FAR our easiest baby! You hardly cry and even then it's for a reason - non of this mystery crying that leaves your poor parents feeling helpless and inadequate. You nurse like a champ, rarely spitting up. You don't sleep through the night yet (and I don't expect you too), but normally give me a 4-5 hour stretch that would be uninterrupted if not for one of your brothers often disturbing me. You love to be wrapped up or held close in one of my other carriers, which makes life much simplier (ie, makes it possible to check up on/chase/clean up after Simon).

You've been outside on a few occassions now, but usually stay buried inside my coat. But one day last week, you ventured out for a few minutes (even though it was pretty cold that day!). It didn't last long though, before you snuggled back in where it was warm... like a good little groundhog.

You've even started smiling last week, much to the delight of all of us but especially Liam. He loves to see you smile and spends most of your time together trying to coax some grins out of you.

This picture is from yesterday and is one of my favorites so far. This is the bluest your eyes have looked (I did do some postprocessing, but didn't change the color). It's still up in the air if they'll stay blue or end up brown or even green.

And last but not least, a short video of the excitement you caused last night. I won't say much more so as not to give away the surprise for everyone reading!

You are very loved little porkchop.

Love, Mum


  1. Oh My Goodness! You are on a roll Amy!!! This is absolutely adorable and what a surprise to hear that darling laugh from Andrew!!! I love the pictures of Liam He is such a ham when it comes to pictures! He really knows how to pose! Love ya, Dianne

  2. How fun to see/hear Andrew laugh! It made me so happy, I'm still smiling as I write this comment. Too cute. Just the thought of having someone run a cloth under my neck saying too, too, too makes me feel ticklish...no wonder it works like a charm on babies.

  3. What cute little boys, who knows which is the cutest! It would be great to see that little love--hearing him chuckle makes a person want to hug him! Love, Great Grandma Bundy Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Well, I wrote a GREAT comment on here yesterday, and it looks like it didn't work! Happy 1 month (and a few weeks) Andrew!! We love you and can't wait to meet you!!


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