Monday, April 6, 2009

Andrew: month 3

Month three.

Nothing too new to report.

Andrew, you continue to be by far our easiest baby yet. I'm almost afraid to talk about it too much least I jinx things. For the past two weeks, this has been your routine:

11:00pm - nurse for the last time when I go to bed

3:30am - wake up to nurse, but go right back to sleep

6:30am - wake to nurse, generally stay awake lying quietly in bed mesmerized by overhead fan

7:30am - lying in bed happily kicking and talking to yourself while I get breakfast ready for the other boys

8:00am - I get you out of bed and get you dressed and ready for the day, and I'll often nurse you quickly before taking Liam to school in case we have errands to run afterward

9:00am - you normally fall asleep in the van, a nap that lasts only about 30 minutes

9:30am - wake up to play

11:00am - nurse and go down for your "big" nap

3:30pm - wake up and eat

(That's right. You sleep for anywhere from 4-5 hours EVERY. AFTERNOON.)

5:30pm - another little 30 minute nap

6:00pm - wake up

7:00pm - play til you fall asleep with us on the couch, usually around 9:00pm (nursing at some point after supper)

So you go 4-5 hours at night AND have a 4-5 hour nap. The first time you had such a long nap, I was afraid to even go in and check on you. If you hadn't woken up on your own, I would've waited til your dad got home and had him go check on you. The second day, I snuck in and held my finger in front of your nose to be sure you were still breathing. The third day, I thanked my lucky stars. And now I knocked on wood and pray it will last.

(Before any other moms of newborns start sending hate mail or throwing cyber tomatoes, let me say this in my defense... My other boys were only napping for 20 minutes at a time at this age AND Simon is still waking up several times a night. Rarely do I get more than an hour of sleep in a row at night between Simon's crying and feeding Andrew twice. I deserve the long naps! Don't hate me cause my baby is a ridiculously good sleeper!)

Andrew, you are a very happy baby and smile so easily. All it takes is a glance in your direction and your whole body starts to wiggle. If you had a tail, it would be almost constantly wagging. When you smile, I swear your hair line goes back a whole inch.

When you're not smiling, you seem to spend your days in a state of perpetual surprise. I have dozens of pictures of you looking like this:

One last fun Before and After:


Love you, sweet boy.

~ Mum


  1. WHAT a cutie!!! Look at those cheeks . . . reminds me of my little girl this time last year :) Don't worry, my third is easy too . . . similar schedule to Andrew. I actually found going from 1 to 2 kids much harder than going from 2 to 3. Maybe it is a third baby thing in general? Mommies are so much more relaxed by then I guess!! Glad you're enjoying every minute of your sweetie!

  2. oh my he is a cutie! That 5 hour afternoon nap rocks!

  3. Ok, he is just TOO cute!
    I must say I am more then a little jealous of your little guys naps. My third has been our hardest....but I agree with you- you do deserve that long nap :)

  4. Ahh! SO CUTE!!!! When do I get to see them??!! Since you have Liam, Simon and Andrew there with you, it only makes sense that you should make the trip out here with them all... I can't wait to meet the newest nephew!


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