Friday, September 12, 2008

a better day and more green goodness

Well Liam did much better at school yesterday. No tears, quiet or otherwise. When I dropped him off after lunch, Simon and I stayed outside the fence for about 15mins til they lined up to go inside. Knowing I was there, Liam ran right over to the group of boys he'd played with that morning and started playing soccer. Every few minutes though, he'd run back over to where Simon and I were... with a big grin. Clearly even our very peripheral presence was enough to put him at ease. I noticed more than a few sideways glances from the teacher but, again, Liam is my concern, not her.

(Although it was nice to be able to give Liam the support he needed - and for Simon to get the chance to run around - the whole talking/waving/goodbyes through a chain link fence had a distinct prison yard visitation-ness to it... a small exercise yard surrounded by high fences, patrolled by overseers, full of inmates who speak another language... Liam's kindergarten is like A PRISON IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY! No wonder it's a bit overwhelming at times!)

Another thing I did yesterday was put together a series of pictures for Liam to take with him. The paper is printed on both sides and about 1.5" tall and 4.5" long (a bit wider than a bookmark, but shorter). It has the following pictures on it:

He was thrilled when he saw it, exclaiming, "That was SUCH a great time!" when he saw the picture of he and Peter kayaking. He keeps it in a special pocket of his school bag for when he's feeling lonely. I love that kid!

Other than that, I have some exciting news on the green smoothie front...

While we still haven't found any popsicle molds, we did find something to fill in in a pinch. So here's a series of photos to show the transformation, from this:

To this:To these:To this:The one Simon's eating in the last pic had a bunch of blueberries in it, hence the purple colour. He eats a popsicle at almost every meal now! It's every kids dream to get "treats" at breakfast, but what Simon doesn't know is that that treat is half spinach! Mwaahaha! So I have no problem giving them to him often.

For all the skeptics out there, you really can't taste the spinach ONE BIT! It's amazing! The only downside to these green smoothies that I've found is that, since letting Liam watch a Popeye cartoon on YouTube he sings, "I'm strong til the finish cause I eat me spinach" almost every morning... which means that I'm humming it to myself several times a day!


  1. Well, about time! :) I think I looked at the blog about 3 times already today to see if you'd updated it. haha, seriously. I'm so glad Liam is liking school better, and making friends. Soccer is something everyone can do no matter what language differences there are! That's a great idea with the pictures! Those boys are so cute.

    love you all!

    PS. I've decided I'm going to try out the smoothy... if Simon can do it, so can I!

  2. Wah-h-h-h! I'm blog-post-a-comment challenged! Please, someone, help. I want to comment on Amy's blog which I love reading and think is pretty cool but I enter everything they want and it still won't add my comments. Wah-h-h, whimper, whimper, sniff, sigh...

  3. Oh, it worked! Oh, my goodness...

    Tell Liam we are very proud of him. Good idea about the pic-book, Amy. You better make a backup one in case he loses this one. How's Simon adjusting? Is he enjoying being the center of Mom's attention or does he miss Liam?

    Hugs to all of you!

  4. Nothing like a better day! :) Praying for your dad...

  5. What an awesome idea with the shot glass popsicles. Did they come out easy? Hope Liam's days are getting easier at school..hugs to you both. The pics are an awesome idea....when Alex went to ECS (we did public for two years before switching to homeschool) I would sleep with his shirt that he was going to wear the next day so it smelled like me wrapped around him. Weird, perhaps, but he has always been one to link things to scents!
    Hope you have an awesome, blessed week Mama!! ((((hugs)))

  6. Oh, the good ol' gene pool never gets empty,does it?

    Now on to the other rooms of the house. I know it will mean cleaning up but it will so much more fun for Simon -- "Hurricane Simon" - how appropriate! -- to wreak havoc.

    Love ya'all

  7. What did you use for sticks in the shot glasses?

  8. The smoothie looks wonderful - please please post the recipe! Thx - a new reader


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