Monday, September 15, 2008

house pics - part one

I've decided to finally indulge my mother and post a few pictures of our new house. I know these are just the playroom, but it happened to be the cleanest room this morning... Hurricane Simon went through not long afterwards and it now looks markedly different!

Simon's two favorite spots are the floor infront of the book shelf -usually on top of a mountain of books- and the little table. His current obsession is puzzles, and we spend most mornings doing them while Liam's at school. ALL. MORNING. It really is fun to watch him though. He's so deliberate with each piece. He can have five or six puzzles out on the table at once, but rarely makes a mess of them (a true miracle!). He loves to take a piece out, tell or ask me what they are, then put them right back, precisely how he found them. We really need to buy the game 'Operation'... I bet he'd do great.

Sorry these pictures are so small. You might be able to click on them for bigger images... I haven't tried.

As you can see, the playroom is set up for a full kitchen. This house must've been divided into two separate suites at some point. All of the cupboards are great for storage: extra food, toys, craft supplies, etc. The crazy/sad thing is that this kitchen/playroom (in the basement) has about four times the storage and three times more counter space than our actual kitchen on the main floor. The upper one is SO POORLY laid out! The bane of my existence. It was clearly designed by a blind man or a crackhead. We're working on it though.

I had to throw a couple Lego pictures in there since, in addition to puzzles, it occupies a large space in each day. If you look in the bottom right of the first set of pics, there's a six drawer unit FULL of Lego. Not only that, but it's been carefully -and neurotically- sorted by color: red and brown, yellow and orange, green and blue, white, all greys, and black.

(Take a guess whether Peter helped with this fruitful and satisfying endeavour... ha.)

It really was therapeutic, and Liam loves it (he's so like me!). He loves being able to find pieces he wants. It also beats our old storage system hands down. I don't miss the three huge Rubbermaid lids taking up all the floor space, nor do I miss stepping on dozens of tiny Legos each time I walk in the playroom. Three cheers for organization!

P.S. Hey, a post where I didn't talk about food!


  1. I meant to leave my last comment here. I'll get the hang of this sooner or later!

  2. That looks really good Amy!! Oh would I love another kitchen layout, that would rock for storage!! Matthew loves his puzzles too...and when he saw the Grevious lego char, he burst into singing the the theme!!lol
    Can't wait to see more pics!!
    blessings!! Penny

  3. Wow, that playroom looks huge! And I am not at all surprised that you sorted everything by color... or that Peter wasn't interested in being involved. haha! Put up more house pictures when you get the chance! Then I can picture things when you talk about them. How has this week been for Liam at school? Is Simon learning some French too? We're going to Calgary this weekend, and we're going to miss seeing you guys!!

    love you all,


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