Friday, September 19, 2008

hercules! hercules! hercules!

Although Simon does manage to break/wreck/get into/destroy an awful lot of stuff, many of his efforts are humorously in vain. One of his current frustrations is that he's unable to force his way through the back door to get outside. The screen is 60% torn off thanks to his efforts, but thankfully there are "decorative" bars on the door (quotation marks very deliberately used). As Peter and I watch his futile attempts to push the door open, a comment is generally made refering to him as either Hercules, Herc, or Hulk.

We should know better than to tempt fate with nicknames like that...

Last night, in the space of about four minutes, he managed to not only rip the towel rack off the wall in the bathroom, but also pull the shower curtain -rod and all- down on top of me while I was changing him.

After getting the shower curtain back up and putting the towel rack with it's protruding screws up out of his reach, Peter had the following to say:

"Just get him to bed without letting him near anything that's actually valuable."

Na-night, Simon...


  1. You have misnamed him -- you should be calling him Popeye! Didn't this all start to happen after you began forcing spinach smoothy/popsicles down him? Ha! Ha! Have you checked out Liam's biceps lately?!

    Love ya' -- have a good day!

  2. haha! wow! Little distructo! And it's true, sounds like he's been getting stronger since you started tricking him into eating spinach filled popsicles... this is all your fault Amy! :) You'll have to get some of these attempts of his on video and send them over!

    love you all


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