Friday, April 25, 2014

Their World, April 2014

A couple of iPhone shots this month: puddle jumping, and dragging the kids to do our civic duty (i.e, vote).

We were back to the Science Museum with cousins this month, enjoyed a neighbourhood Easter egg hunt, and then a scavenger hunt at home. There were no clues down daddy's shirt.

A good month.

Voting is FUUUUUUUN!!

Our trips to the Science Museum are becoming almost monthly events. This time we had the kids' second cousins tag along.

Neighbourhood egg hunting.

Elaborate easter hunt that took hours to plan (write the clues, organize the clues, hide the clues, etc) and all of 10 minutes to complete. Not sure why Andrew looks so sad in this first one!

Sarah is next in the loop. You don't want to miss her little guy in his Superman undies.


  1. So fun, I always enjoy looking through your images!

  2. These are wonderful, lively and fun. I ADORE that image of all your kids looking up at the big moon!

  3. These are wonderful! I especially love the museum photos!

  4. Love the reflection on the puddle image! Great job for capturing all for of them in one frame.

  5. So great! Love the reflection image and love the museum photos! Great job!


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