Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Their World, March 2014

Soon these monthly posts won't feature snowsuits.

I won't miss them.

27.February.2014 - Child labour.

03.March.2014 - Toys R Us while daddy was in Switzerland. 

05.March.2014 - Sledding with friends. The hill to themselves. Homeschooling win.

12.March.2014 - March Break and Messy Hair at a Chapters Lego event.

13.March.2014 - 10 minutes early for the neurologist... who was 45 minutes late. Result: a 55 minute game of Eye Spy.

16.March.2014 - Settles of Catan on a Sunday afternoon. Peter won. And there were snack.

The next photographer in this series is Mandy Mester. Her black and whites are magical. Go see.


  1. I am waiting for warmer weather as well! Although I love your snowsuit pictures!

  2. Oh, the winter. It really needs to be done. But I like your idea of child labor. I might make mine do that too now ;)

  3. Love these Amy! I can't wait til my boys are a bit older and can be put to work! That Toys R Us photo is fantastic! Great job.

  4. These are all really great Amy!

  5. So fun you always represent the everyday so well. It's really fun to look through your images.


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