Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Their World, February 2014

Another month with a fair bit of illness in our house. I'm sick and tired of it (see what I did there?). I'm really hoping that warmer weather and more vitamin D will improve our chances. This month saw lots of reading, lots of playing, lots of days spent in pyjamas (or "jothes" as Simon calls them... jammies + clothes = jothes), lots of learning and schooling (and some tears shed), and yet more snow. 

We also celebrated Valentine's Day with a few friends. In our case, a "few" was 25 kids and 6 moms. I love throwing parties and making these days special for the kids. There are so many benefits to homeschooling, but there are also some fun parts of school that I don't want them to miss out on. I hope their childhood is full of memories of happy times like these.

01.29.2014 - Reading. Not all four kids, but 3 kids + 2 kittens. Good enough.

01.30.2014 - Simon and Andrew consented to play Little People with Eloise. She was one happy little girl.

02.02.2014 - Playing outside. An elusive smile from the 10 year old; swings and big jumps for the others.

02.07.2014 - Watching the Olympic opening ceremonies. 

02.13.2014 - From our Valentine's Day party. 4 kids + 2 kittens. Win.

02.22.2014 - Saturday morning screen time. The kids get an hour on the weekends (and then spend the rest of their time begging/scheming/working for more). Kittens are both present. Peter was working. The pile of laundry to be folded is representative of me. ;)

There are 10 lovely ladies participating in the circle, the next one is Ruthie from Fairy Wings and Dinosaurs, with her FIVE have a little tea party. Wonder if I can convince the boys to have tea with Eloise this afternoon...?

*The "Their World" blog series was dreamed up by Jude from Jude Wood Photography.


  1. Looking at all that snow in your backyard is enough to make me cry. I would never survive the Canadian winter. My hat's off to you!

  2. KITTYS!!!!!!!!!!!! how sweet!!! we are getting one next month! so can't wait! i love love love that last shot! so true to life!! even the laundry on the sofa!

  3. These are great! I especially love the one of them playing on the floor!

  4. All so great! Love the one of the boys playing with their little sister, love the jumping action shot and love the last one with everyone doing their own thing!

  5. I love these pictures they totally make me want to meet you in person. I really love the one of your boy jumping off the swing!

  6. these are all so great! but i love the valentine shots the best.


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