Friday, September 14, 2012

our little Colombiana

Or is it Colombianita? Whatever. I never claimed to speak Spanish. 

Now that Eloise is older (I was going to say "bigger", but she's so tiny that that hardly seemed accurate), I decided it is high time to start documenting her in all the cute little outfits that our friends gave us in Bogota when she was born.

This little embroidered dress and Colombian doll were given to us by some of Peter's colleagues. I'm afraid that the doll's straw hat and sandals will not make it past Eloise second birthday... she's pretty rough. She's going to, literally, love them to pieces.

I love the dress. Since Eloise is so petite, I know she's going to wear it for years. As a long dress now, and later as a tunic.

colombian dress-2 colombian dress-1 colombian dress-3

As always, Andrew had to get his cute self in on the action. What a pair.


  1. Love it! Miss you guys! Eloise is such a beautiful little girl!!

  2. What adorable pictures!!! Yes, those Colombian dresses are so cute....and are her are even better!!! Love, Nana

  3. She is just so cute! Love all her little outfits!!!

  4. Wow! Her red hair against the blue wall, with the little pink pretty! I love the dresses from Colombia and Ecuador. The embroidery is beautiful. Aren't you glad you have a little girl?! She is the perfect balance for all those boys in your household.

  5. Adorable pictures! These are pretty cute children you have. I imagine you are kept busy and have lots of family fun. Love, A. Dianne

  6. These are adorable pictures and your two youngest have really grown! Eloise and Andrew both have such great smiles! Love, A. Dianne

  7. She is such a Bundy...looks so much like Simon (and Pete!!) She's precious! Come home so I can snuggle her, if I can catch her!!


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