Monday, September 3, 2012

Next time we'll try the string-to-doorknob trick

I haven't forgotten about the rest of our New York trip, but an event happened here last week that cannot go undocumented...

Simon lost his first tooth!

Over the last few years as Liam lost teeth, Simon went back and forth between jealous and fear. I was a bit worried how he'd handle it when his turn came.

As it turned out, he was a total trooper. As it became looser and looser, it began to hurt a bit when he'd try to chew. Last Friday night was his favourite supper of taco salad, and he was worried it would hurt when he ate. I jokingly said, "Let's go get the pliers!" since I like to scare my kids... but he agreed!

With only mild trepidation, he let Peter pull his tooth our with a pair of needle-nose pliers!

Truth be told, Peter has been dreaming of this moment since becoming a dad. To be honest, I was kinda jealous.

Simon looks a bit terrified in one of the pictures below, but he was totally into it.

Peter and I have been dreaming up what we'll tie the next loose tooth to...

first tooth collage-1 P.S. My kids grow teeth like sharks. Ew.


  1. Wow. You captured the whole event perfectly. The pictures tell a great story.

  2. Congratulations, Simon!!! You are a brave boy. I'm proud of you. Love, Nana


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