Tuesday, November 6, 2012

halloween 2012

This year we had a knight, a *Canadian* astronaut, a Clone Trooper, and Little Red Riding Hood. I snapped these as we were rushing out to pick Peter up from work on our way to a Halloween party at some friends' church. It was dark and cloudy and threatening rain. I was happy to be headed someplace indoors, but would've like a bit of a brighter day for pictures.

I also wish I'd thought to get my mom (who was here for a visit!) in a picture with the kids. Or ME for that matter.

Oh well. They're cuter than mom and me.


We went a bit further with my Halloween decorating this year. Because of the timing of my mom's visit, we decided to have Simon's birthday party early on November 3rd. We doubled up on the Halloween decorations and had all of his friends come in costume. Although we failed to get around to carving pumpkins (forgive me boys!), the decorations turned out REALLY fun. I'll try to post them soon. Hope you had fun in your neck of the woods.

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