Tuesday, May 10, 2011

this is how it all played out

Mother's Day.

Come and gone.

And it was pretty great.

After a wonderful breakfast in bed (that managed not to get spilled even with all the excited jumping going on!), and handmade cards and gifts from the boys, we relaxed around the house (waiting for the misty rain to stop a bit), before heading out. Last year I took advantage of Mother's Day, using it to insist on a day of flea markets around Ottawa. While I was tempted to drag Peter and the boys downtown for the San Alejo Mercado de las Pulgas that we visited over Canadian Thanksgiving, I instead decided to find things to do that the whole family would enjoy.

Aren't I selfless?

Not completely...

I did want to stop at a couple of stores nearby that I've been wanting to check out before my mom and aunt get here in a few weeks. But since they're only 9-10 block away, I knew it wouldn't take all day. I've actually been eyeing these two particular stores almost since we arrived in September, but hadn't had the chance to stop by. I figured Mother's Day would be the perfect time/reason/excuse. 

So we loaded up the boys, headed out, and got there... only to find them closed!

The boys were not so disappointed.

I got over it quickly though and we decided at the last minute to change our lunch plans. Instead of heading to Crepes & Waffles (a Bogota institution... seriously, there are as many Crepes & Waffles in Bogota as Tim Horton's in any given Canadian neighbourhood, ie. LOTS) near the Usaquen market near our place, we did A TOTAL 180...

...and went instead to the Crepes & Waffles at a nearby mall.

I know going to the mall for Mother's Day might not seem that special, but it served several purposes: 1) lunch, and 2) the boys' school sent home a notice last week saying that each student needs a small blanket to leave at school in the event that all the rain and flooding we've been experiencing makes the roads impassable for the buses and the students have to spend the night at the school. 

We made it to the restaurant just before it opened, were seated quickly, our food arrived amazingly fast and was just as tasty as usual. Food that someone else cooked always tastes great! The boys all had waffles, Peter had a grilled pita and I had their salad bar. 

After lunch, we made a last-minute, spontaneous decision to stop and do some bowling with the boys.

I'm so glad we did.

Although apparently bowling is too dangerous a sport for pregnant ladies, as the staff said I couldn't play... good thing I had my camera. Just as fun for me.

(disclaimer: The light in that place was AWFUL. I'm not overly happy with how these shots look, but am done playing with them.)

mother's day 2011-21mother's day 2011-26

mother's day 2011-25mother's day 2011-24

This was essentially Andrew's first time bowling... HE LOVED IT. He could hardly sit still, jumping up and down almost the entire time. Very cute and so fun for me to be able to sit back and watch.

mother's day 2011-20

mother's day 2011-27
I love this celebratory pose of Simon's. It's SO him.

mother's day 2011-19

mother's day 2011-22

mother's day 2011-23mother's day 2011-18

After bowling, it was back home to get the ribs in the crockpot and Andrew down for a nap (um, I might've joined him, too). Then bike riding in the courtyard, some more meal prep (that Peter did most of), a family viewing of Star Wars the Clone Wars (clearly not mama's pick) and some Mother's Day wishes to grandma and nana over Skype.

Supper was maple glazed ribs, oven potatoe wedges, and steamed brocoli, with lemon pie and cheesecake for dessert. Yum.

So it was a relatively quiet and low-key day, but full of love and fun and all my boys' efforts to make me feel special and loved. 

A perfect Mother's Day by all accounts.

* * * * * * * * * * 

These past few days, I've seen the internet filled with lovely pictures of friends, family and fellow bloggers together with their adoring families. 

Well, welcome to our world. 

I present you with the Bundy family Mother's Day 2011 pictures...

mother's day 2011-11

mother's day 2011-5

mother's day 2011-9

mother's day 2011-10

mother's day 2011-8

mother's day 2011-7

mother's day 2011-6

mother's day 2011-3

mother's day 2011-2

mother's day 2011-1

mother's day 2011-4

Being the mother of these three crazy boys has been an amazing blessing. They're each so different, so amazing, so special... and each so much a part of me. Not that motherhood hasn't been a challenge and a fight and awfully hard at times, but it's been so worth it. The amount of fun and personality and creativity and love that they each bring to my life is beyond description.

Just this morning, I read the following over at resolved2worship,
Our first calling is to God. Our second to our husband. Thirdly, our children - this calling may look vastly different depending on what stage of life we find ourselves in.
I believe that if we are first focused on our calling to know God, the second calling will fall into place. If our second calling to love our husband is in place, then there will be great freedom in our relationships with our children because we will not be trying to get from them fulfillment we don't think we are receiving from God or our man.
God, please keep my eyes on You first. May You be center. You alone satisfy this wandering heart. Out of my relationship with You, give me undying, devoted, unconditional love for my husband. Thank You for showing me by Your love for me what it means to love. . . Thank You that even when I fail to love, Your love never fails. You keep after me.
Father, show me how to reach out to the children You've given us. Give me eyes to see what Your desire for motherhood is to look like for me, not what it is for someone else, but for me. Give me patience like You. Give me calm from You.
Remind me to play!

I love pretty much every word of that. It covers it all... relationship with God, my husband, my kids... spirituality, marriage, motherhood... love... and play!

A great reminder.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I just realized these are the first pics I've posted of my haircut! What do you think??


  1. simon's celebratory pose is my favorite. sounds like you had a wonderful mother's day.

    and i like how you just slipped in the shots with the new do without any comment. you look awesome! i love short hair.

  2. Love your new haircut! Love it. I am soooo tempted to cut my hair off and i keep chickening out. I may just do it though. I have had short hair before and I loved it.

    You guys are such a fun family, and your boys are adorable. I can't get over how grown up Andrew is looking. He is coming out of his toddler phase and looks like such a sweet little boy! Love it.

  3. I tried to take pictures the last time we went bowling, and decided I'd have to try another time, I just didn'th ave the patience for trying to get my kids to sit still with my slow shutter speed in the crap lighting, haha. YOURS turned out much much better than mine. Love them :)

    It sounds like your Mother's Day was pretty perfect. A nap, AND star wars?! Ok I've never seen star wars, but we just got the first one netflixed to us, sooo... this weekend!

    You and your family look as adorable as ever!!

  4. Yes, I love your hair cut. You look great! Sounds like your Mother's Day was pretty perfect..a great way to spend it and activities that ALL of you enjoyed. That makes the best day! The family pictures....well...yes, ALL the boys are crazy. I had to laugh...this is the first family picture where Andrew has decided that he may as well join the crazy family in their antics! Liam is getting so tall, yes, Simon is VERY celebatory and Andrew is growing up so quickly! Waiting for the little girl...MAYBE someone in the family can take a "normal" picture????? Poor thing...she won't have a chance! Love to all of you, Nana/Mom/Mora

  5. Great hair!!!! Great pictures!!!! I wonder what your great grandchildren will think, when they see your wild pictures!!!! Looks like everyone is having such a great time and sounds like you had the perfect Mother's Day!!!! Love the last family picture of Peter!!! Hugs, A. Dianne

  6. Well, your haircut is super cute! And those family poses are great, except there are way too many boys...I think you need another girl in the mix. Glad you had a good Mother's Day and can't wait to see next year's photos with a little someone dressed in pink!

  7. With Liam it's all about the tongue. Hilarious!

  8. LOVE the haircut!! And the family pictures, you guys are hilarious. :)

  9. You pictures are so much fun! They truly make my heart so happy! You all look great (and I really do love your hair...but I think I already told you that on Skype...just in case...I love it!). The insert from the other blog is perfect and great for me to hear as I start the motherhood journey. So glad that you had a good mother's day! Love to you!


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