Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day weekend {a recap}

It was a buuuuusy weekend! But a good weekend, too. 

I spent most of Friday making marshmallow fondant, baking a cake (four actually) and making two batches of rice crispy treats (one regular and one dairy-free). I finished just in time to leave the kitchen in a total mess and head out to pick Peter up from work, after which I dropped the boys at home and rushed to photograph a maternity session. Peter fed the boys, then some good friends picked Liam up to take him to Chevaliers du Roi at our church. After the session, I was at home long enough to nurse Andrew,download my pictures (I'm always nervous that something will happen to my camera/memory card before I get a chance to transfer the images to my computer!) and thank Peter for cleaning up after me, before driving out the the church to pick up Liam and his friend, Mattias.

The next morning, we had to drive Peter in to Ottawa to help a friend move apartments. While he was gone, I finished the cake I was decorating for the birthday of a very special four year old girl that was to take place later that afternoon. The boys were completely engrossed in Discovery Channel amazingly well-behaved, giving me the time needed to finish all of the final touches to the birthday cake (more on that later... it deserves its own post!). Just before 1 o'clock, we headed out to pick up daddy, dropped him and the baby off at home (where he once again cleaned the disaster I'd left in the kitchen), then Liam and Simon and I headed to our friends' house.

After three hours of AllPrincessesAllTheTime, we headed home just in time for Peter to grab the keys and jump in the van to head out in search of the necessary groceries for the Mother's Day meal he'd planned for the next day. That night, pictures were edited, hockey was watched, and much-needed sleep was mostly enjoyed by all.

Sunday morning -Mother's Day- Simon and Liam quietly snuck into our room to wake Peter up. The amazing thing is that I didn't even stir. Normally, one of them can sneeze, into a pillow, behind two closed doors and under the sound of two fans running, AND I'LL STILL HEAR IT. But due to the fact that a) they were actually quiet, and b) I was dead exhausted, I slept right through it. When Andrew woke me I woke some time later, I sent him toddling out of the room... and went back to bed. A COMPLETELY SELFLESS ACT since I figured something must be up and didn't want to ruin it for the boys.

Not long after they came bounding into the room, singing Happy Mother's Day to the tune of Happy Birthday, waving hand-drawn cards and bearing breakfast in bed. I even managed to eat my breakfast without spilling any food on me, despite the three kids jumping on the bed.

After church -were I received five gerbera daisies and some cookies decorated just for me- we packed the kids into the van with the intention of heading home for lunch.

Instead, we found ourselves at McDonald's.

On Mother's Day.

I can hear Peter protesting even as I type this, so I'll quickly continue the story...

Several weeks ago, there'd been some talk on Twitter about Ottawa area flea markets and ever since, I'd been wanting to go check some out. The problem is that most are only open on Sundays which left me with two options: 1) go by myself, leaving the kids at home... which Peter may not like, or 2) drag everyone along with me... which Peter may not like.

Enter Mother's Day.


So on our drive home from church I had the AWESOME IDEA (right Peter? right??) to use my it's-my-special-day card and suggest that what I'd like to do -on this my special day- was to head out to some flea markets. But last minute ideas like that don't leave much room for preparedness.

Thus we found ourselves with five hungry stomach and a 45 minute drive ahead of us. And so we found ourselves at McDonald's.

But it was worth it.

We got a cool, retro pink Pyrex butter dish, a Bobbey Twins book for me to read with Liam, some wooden buttons that I need to finish a project, and several Lego base plates like this vintage space one and some similar to these below, and a much needed wheelbarrow.

I think we paid $6.50 for four base plates, 2 of which are really raised/3D. Pretty cool and well worth the trip, according to the boys.

When we got home and unloaded our bounty, I played Wii with the boys while Peter made supper. And what a supper it was! Tortellini with grilled chicken and veggies in a roasted red pepper alfredo sauce, greek salad, garlic bread and wine. Yum.

As soon as I was done eating, I packed up and headed to my second maternity session of the weekend, returning to find a (once again) clean kitchen, boys in bed, and a tired Peter watching hockey in the basement. We finished the night with a bowl of ice cream and a movie.

A girly movie.

Cause it was my special day.

To sum it all up, I was spoiled, got my way all day long, and felt very special and very loved. A big thank you to my awesome husband and my sweet little boys... the reasons I get to celebrate Mother's Day.

* * * * * * * * * *

I'd be remiss to blog about Mother's Day without mentioned my own amazing mom and mother-in-law... but this post is already long and, since they'll both be here in the next few weeks, I promise to tell you all how wonderful they are then! Love you both!


  1. Lucky Lady!! You're very loved!!

  2. Yeesh, I'm tired just reading all that! Which flea market did you go to? I'm so excited that it's vintage season again!!

    And btw, I just finished admiring your princess b-day party pix -- omg, teh cuteness!! You are getting better and better and better with each session you do, Amy! Such a great eye!

  3. Ahhhh! That was a busy weekend!
    Looking forward to that cake post :)

    Flea market shopping would be an "only on mother's day" event for me. My husband does NOT enjoy searching for treasures. Crazy. I know.

    Wish I knew where there was one near by.... I'm settling for garage sale shopping tomorrow (with the kids)

  4. Ok, I just looked at the cake bday party pictures too, and they are AMAZING! AND, your cake skills make me sick. I was HUGELY impressed when I saw the amazing cake, and then there was the picture of a cut piece... WHAT??! It's rainbow on the INSIDE too??? You outdid yourself. I bet she felt incredibly special.

  5. Wow, what a busy but fun day. I'd say you have some pretty special men in your life!!!! (of course, I'm not biased!) I know they loved doing special things for you and your deep appreciation for them adds to their delight. Can't wait to see you all. Love, Mom/Mora/Nana

  6. O.k. I'm way too old for all that. But I'm so glad you enjoyed your day--all mother's should no matter how old they get. You got a great family--my husband acts like he's never heard of the kitchen.


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