Monday, October 11, 2010

#10photos and a Canadian Thanksgiving in Colombia

Miss Fish is always one for good ideas and her recent 10-10-10 #10photos challenge was no exception. However, we were out most of the day and I only uploaded my pictures tonight, not having the chance to even scan through them until now. 

So I'm going to bend the rules a bit. 

I've never done well with rules.

Instead of a picture an hour for ten hours, I'm going to post ten pictures from our trip to the San Alejo flea market and ten pictures from our trip to the park. Sorry, Andrea, I don't wear a watch and my phone was dead so I had no way of knowing what time it was. That, and I was trying to keep track of three kids, my camera, purse, stroller, etc, AND try to get the chance to browse through all the stalls for treasures.

And so here are my shots from the San Alejo Mercado de las Pulgas (there are eleven actually, but who's counting?),

glassware and ceramics

The boys checking out toys (I always try to dress them in bright colours when 
we're going someplace crowded... helps keep track of them)

Tools and various hardware bits and pieces... these were all new.

Metal/tin/aluminum/silver/brass candlesticks, bowls, plates, vases, 
pitchers... I think I see a butter dish in there...

rollerblade and rollerskate wheels

Almost everything at this booth was brass. LOVE the old keys.

More old keys. I didn't buy any this time, but I do 
have a decor idea that will involve some.

A line of red shoes. I would've loved to buy them all and 
line them up... someplace. Just to be able to see them everyday.

crazy statues

AMAZING old cash register

Had this bike been in working condition, I know the boys would've 
had a blast with it. See the little seat in back? So fun.

After the market, the drive home, a quick lunch, and naps for the little two (during which time Liam enjoyed the 10-10-10 Ben 10 marathon), we headed to a nearby park for some swinging, sliding, soccer and hill-rolling.



10-10-10-8 10-10-10-7

I'm so often frustrated with my swing photography. I want tack-sharp, but normally get 
totally-out-of-focus. This is probably the closest I've come in a long time. I'm almost happy with this one.

10-10-10-5 10-10-10-3


The last two times we've been to this park, the same group of three boys have been there playing 
soccer. They speak enough english to be able to say hello, make teams, etc. Liam hasn't figured out any 
of their names yet, but they know his and welcomed him with pats on the back all around.


* * * * * * * * * * *
After the flea market and park yesterday, we came home and enjoyed breakfast-for-supper (for me that meant a fried egg, bacon, cheese, and THICK slices of avocado on a fresh croissant... also known as HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH) along with some of our favourite local fruit and veggies, sitting in the livingroom while the boys watched episodes of the Clone Wars on the computer. Maybe not what the pilgrims ate, but delicious nonetheless.

Although we didn't celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with a big trimmed out turkey dinner (I haven't even checked to see if turkey is available down here, and even if it was I doubt one would fit in our big-as-a-microwave oven), we did have the chance to get together with some of the other Canadians from the embassy this afternoon. Josh and Patrycja were kind enough to host (and wow, the view from their place is pretty incredible!) and I think we were eleven adults and five kids in all. We enjoyed yummy cheeses, grilled portobello mushrooms, homemade hummus and veggie pâté, grilled pineapple, pumpkin cupcakes, dark chocolate cookies, and an assortment of wines... for those not pregnant (although I did indulge in a tiny glass of a blueberry liqueur that one of the guests had brought back from Quebec on their last visit).

And so our first Canadian holiday outside of Canada passed quite quietly. Even so, it was abundantly clear to me how much we truly have to be thankful for. My loving, hardworking husband, our sweet boys, a wonderful apartment to live in, a new car that just arrived tonight, new friends, an abundance of good food, family and friends all over the world who love and pray for and support us. We are healthy, clothed, sheltered, fed, protected, and loved.

There are so, so many in this country (and so many others) who can't say the same thing. On this or any other day.

We are so blessed.


  1. These pictures are AMAZING. I can't wait until you are back in this country -- book us NOW for a family shoot!

    I can't get over how big Andrew is getting. He's huge in these pics. It's definitely time for a new baby around the house! I don't think I've commented on that yet so let me just say a huge CONGRATS, and I'm just so happy for you guys.

  2. Blessed indeed! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Amy!

  3. Oh I forgot to comment on the photos! The one with the shoes, LOVE it. I love those shiny red baby shoes... I think I may have just bought those if I had been you. I have a thing about shoes.

    They boys look so happy. I think if I had trucked my boys to another country they would be super sour pusses all the time (but maybe I don't give them enough credit). I am glad Liam is making friends. I am still friends with one of the people I met when I was 10 and living abroad :)

  4. Happy late Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for you guys! I am so amazing at how wonderful of a family God has blessed us with. Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time. So many great photo opprotunities. I just love looking at your pictures, you have a such an eye for it and the talent to actually edit, are just amazing. Everyone looks happy! The boys really are getting big! Miss you guys!

  5. Oh Amy, your pictures continue to take my breath away! That FLEA MARKET!!! OMG, how awesome are those red shoes, and the roller blade wheels, and OMG that looks like the best flea market EVER!!!

    And oh yeah, your kids are really cute and I'm glad to hear you are doing well and all, but please send more flea market pictures!! ;)

    Happy week after Thanksgiving!!

  6. Rules shmules. I love these - thanks for playing along!

    Your boys are adorable. And I'm drooling over the keys. I would have bought them all! :)

  7. I just came to your blog from Andrea at the Fishbowl's blog - and I love it! Your photos are wonderful, especially the brass/keys ones and i really like the cash register too!
    Can't wait to read more!

  8. Dress them in bright colours so you can find them in a crowd... That's brilliant! I am sooo going to use that!

  9. I LOVE that last picture of Pete and Andrew...we miss you guys!!!

  10. I covet the cash register the old keys and the antique padlocks. I want them all.......


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