Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a walk and a reminder

We had such a gorgeous weekend here in Bogota. After rain, rain and more rain, we had an almost four day reprieve starting Thursday afternoon. Friday was perfect, Saturday and Sunday were wonderfully hot and sunny, and although the ground was wet when we woke Monday morning, the day was really lovely. 

When Andrew woke from his nap, the sun was steaming in the windows, so I decided to take advantage of the weather and head out for a quick walk before the school bus showed up.

walk w Andrew-12walk w Andrew-11

A block from our place, there's a giant stone medallion. I'd never really stopped to look at it before yesterday. I couldn't read the stone plaque that accompanied it... it was half sunk into the ground and was written in either spanish or latin... which are essentially the same to me! Andrew thought it was great fun to make faces at me through the hole.

walk w Andrew-14

walk w Andrew-13

I know I should've backed up so you could see the full size of the stone. Sorry. But give me a break. I'm in my seventh month of pregnancy, was squatting down already, and didn't feel like backwards duck walking up the steep slope I was on (ie, I'm pregnant and lazy).

These next pictures were all taken down a little walkway next to an apartment complex that Andrew and I discovered a few weeks ago, on another walk. It's cool and shaded and quiet and is full of neat green plants and beautiful flowers. And at the very back of the walk, Andrew can peak through the fence to see one of the rivers that runs down the mountain into Bogota.

walk w Andrew-9

walk w Andrew-8

walk w Andrew-7

walk w Andrew-10

walk w Andrew-3

walk w Andrew-6walk w Andrew-5

walk w Andrew-4

walk w Andrew-2

walk w Andrew-1

Although our walk lasted less than an hour, I'm so glad we went. The neighbourhood around our place is really beautiful and there are so many areas that we haven't yet explored. Andrew loves waving to all the guards/gardeners/maids/drivers, pointing out all the dogs and motorbikes he sees, smelling flowers, jumping off curbs and over cracks, climbing on rocks and low stone walls... he takes such joy in the little things that I either don't notice, take for granted, or even consider a nuisance. 

Now that I'm feeling better, I hope to get out much more often with him for these little walks. He enjoys it so much, it's great exercise for us both (have I mentioned all the hills around our place and the fact that we're at over 9000 feet??), and I love spending that time with youngest -and last- little boy.


  1. Oh Amy, these are just so warm (and cool) and lovely. I'm just feeling so very unfulfilled that I can't see the whole of that medallion -- sigh! (Totally yanking your chain, lazy pregnant lady!!)

  2. It looks so beautiful!! I miss the green-ness and tropical vegetation of South America. Andrew is getting so BIG!!

    Love and miss you guys!

  3. Beautiful pictures! He is so cute, such a handsome little man! I love how little ones find the joys in life that we miss. Can't wait to see more of your walk adventures.

  4. andrew looks so dapper with his hands in his pockets. i love it when little guys do that.

    and no your face isn't big. you look fab!

  5. Fabulous pictures! LOVE the green and beauty of South America. Enjoy!! Take lots of walks the next couple of months. Andrew is an absolute DOLL...what a cutie. We miss you all!!! It is great that you are feeling so much better and you and Andrew can enjoy some alone time when the older ones are at school. It won't last long so enjoy!! Love, Mom/Mora/Nana

  6. OH my Goodness!!!! Andrew is SO adorable!!!! He is just the cutest little guy and you again managed to capture all those different expressions on his face. I love the one of you and Andrew together!!! Hugs, A. Dianne

  7. I love the photo of Andrew holding your hand. Love it!


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