Friday, March 18, 2011

a genius had part in designing this park

Did I mention how gorgeous it was here in Bogota over the weekend? No? Well, it was GORGEOUS. 

Sunday, we took advantage of the sunshine and went for a walk to the park before lunch. This particular park is only a few blocks away and some ingenious person put a coffee shop RIGHT IN THE PARK. Not near the park, not across the street from the park. Right. In. The. Park. Mere feet from the swings and merry-go-round.

And it's good coffee too. Akin to having a Starbucks or Tim Horton's RIGHT IN THE PARK. 


Santa Ana park-30Santa Ana park-29

I have something new to look forward to every time I point the camera in Liam's direction. We're not sure if he learned it at school or from one of the cartoons down here, but he's constantly making what I'll refer to as the "rock on" sign (is there an actual name for it??). See exhibits A, B and C below.

Santa Ana park-31

Santa Ana park-26Santa Ana park-27

This tree was a fun discovery on our way to the park. Lots of thick, strong branches that started right near the ground. Not too high, but with many climbing options.

Santa Ana park-28

Santa Ana park-24Santa Ana park-25

Even Andrew could get into without help... and he still smiles for the camera!

When we got to the park, Simon immediately raced to the slide, climbed the ladder and proceeded to stand at the top of said slide, backwards. You'll see in later pictures that this is a HIGH slide. While I normally give my boys pretty free range and the park, this particular stunt almost resulted in Simon spending the entire time on the bench instead of playing. A definite you'll-fall-and-crack-your-head-open scenario, with absolutely no exaggeration.

Santa Ana park-23

Santa Ana park-21

After a brief swing (an excuse to get our kids off the slide so as not to hurt the little girl who also wanted a turn), it was back to the slide. This time the boys convinced Peter to join them. And if any of you are hoping to see my seventh-month-of-pregnancy self up on that slide, sorry to disappoint.

Santa Ana park-20

Santa Ana park-19

Santa Ana park-18

Since going down the giant slide feet first is so safe boring, the boys decided to mix things up a bit. And yes, Liam, rock on indeed.

Santa Ana park-16Santa Ana park-15

Santa Ana park-13Santa Ana park-14

Santa Ana park-11Santa Ana park-12

Santa Ana park-17

Santa Ana park-9
A less than natural smile, but no jazz/rock hands or tongue sticking out. I'll take it.

Santa Ana park-8
Andrew had no idea what he was getting himself into here...

Santa Ana park-7
Liam and Simon would go down first, then wait for Andrew to come crashing into them.

Santa Ana park-6

The merry-go-round at the park makes Liam sick, but Simon adores it. Especially when daddy pushes. Here,

me: Peter, slow down!
Simon: Faster, daddy! Faster!

Santa Ana park-5

And then all three boys on one side of the teeter totter with daddy on the other. As close to even as they're going to get. Again, I chose to remain behind my camera, safe and humiliation-free.

Santa Ana park-4

Santa Ana park-2

Santa Ana park-1


  1. Thanks for the fun!!! And a good coffee to go with it!!!! Looks like all boys are having a great time! Those slides always made me have nightmares-you know the kind where I'm falling (sliding) and where to????? Hugs, A. Dianne

  2. These photos are INCREDIBLE. Can I come and stay, because the weather looks a lot better there.

  3. I want some of you! Get in front of the camera Lady! I want to see some belly pics! Love you, and wish I could meet you for coffee in your park!

  4. Love the colors and THOSE BOYS! Glad you enjoyed some nice weather over the weekend. We got BUCKETS of rain, so we must of traded weather systems. Are you truly 7-months prego already?? Wow! Definitely agree that a coffee shop in the park is a stroke of genius. Big hugs to all of you!

  5. I LOVE the photo of Liam on the slide. So great! What a beautiful day for photos.

  6. Asher loved looking at these pictures of his cousins with me.

  7. SUPER pictures!!! There were fabulous of ALL of the boys! What a fun park!!! Looked like they were having a blast. What a great find! Your kids are having some great experiences. You are a great photographer! Love, Nana, Mom, Mora


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