Tuesday, November 2, 2010

this pregnancy is kicking my ass

I know... what language! But really, anything more PG (actually, I'm pretty sure "ass" is PG these days) would fail to express how awful these last three weeks have been.

So, a few things:
  • Although nine weeks pregnant yesterday, it's only been the last three weeks and a bit that have been this miserable. In those last three weeks, I've lost almost eight pounds. And while I haven't seen the scale move that low since sometime in 2001, constant nausea and vomiting are not pleasant weight loss methods. Effective, but not pleasant.
  • In those last three weeks, I've only left the house three times. All three times were for parties or other events that I knew my boys were excited about and I didn't want them to have to miss. It was only by sheer FORCE OF LOVE that I managed these feats. LOVE.
  • Once in a while I'll have a stretch of two days where I'm only sick once, then the next day I'll throw up twice in as many hours. There is no rhyme or reason. No link to certain foods that I can see. It's random. Being the control freak that I am, I'd love to have a plan or theory or some sort of equation to follow, but I don't. 
  • The waist band on my pants (even loose pj bottoms) is starting to get uncomfortable. Not tight (see the above mentioned weight loss), just conspicuous by their presence. I just don't want ANYTHING touching my stomach.
  • Related: Any tips on how to keep three boys from trying to constantly climb on me, hug me, and sit on my lap (note, lap is near stomach)?? I love their love, but would prefer they write me a poem or send flowers or something.
  • This intense morning sickness has even had me wonder about the possibility of twins... a possibility that I have yet to bring up with Peter (hi, hon!) for fear he might suffer an aneurysm. The only thing saving my sanity is that fact that, weight loss notwithstanding, I'm pretty sure I'd be showing already if I was 9w+ with twins. Right? RIGHT?? Cause I'm not. Not showing at all. So it can't be twins. Right.
  • I've been dreaming of steak. Specifically of eating it.
I'm not sure that this post really has a point, other than to whine and complain and make excuses for why I haven't blogged much at all this last month. Maybe it will also serve as a BRUTAL REMINDER if I ever start to get that urge for another baby. Cause seriously? I'm not sure I could do this again. 


  1. Ooh... I always hated those first few months although yours are sounding horrible. I hope it passes quickly and you lose the nausea soon. And no... I have no tips for keeping your boys off your lap. My daughter had a fascination with mine shortly after I got pregnant ... I swear, they know.

  2. ugh, i felt nauseous jus reading this post. while i had terrible evening sickness, i didn't throw up. though wanted to many times. i hope this passes really quickly and that you get to actually enjoy the pregnancy soon.

  3. Ship the boys up here...i'll get them shovelling the walk and playing in the snow for a while. I'll be sure to send them back to you before Christmas (providing your mom would let me do so)! I really hope this passes. Weren't you sick like this with the other kids??? Or, just not as bad? Thinking of you and praying, esp for Pete's sake, that it's not twins!!!

  4. ps....maybe it's not twins but a girl!!! and you're just having a different pregnancy!!!

  5. My sympathy for you. If it wasn't for drugs with Fin I would have been throwing up every day. It was so awful I really couldn't take being pregant anymore.

    I found that I was more sick with him then I was with her, and I was sick with her. So, maybe a girl this time? :-)

  6. Sorry you are so sick Amy!! It is never fun being nauseous especially with 3 little ones also wanting your attention. Hope it gets better for you SOON! Remember there is a reward at the end of this time--a precious little bundle!!!!! Hugs, A. Dianne

  7. Oh no!!!! I don't know how you're doing it, especially with 3 boys to take care of in the meantime... you're wonder woman! Maybe you're having TWINS that are BOTH GIRLS! :) Just to even out the ratio a bit in the family. :)

  8. Sorry you are feeling so sick, Amy. Hopefully you are almost at the end of this yucky time. It is so hard to look after little ones plus keep a household going when you are feeling so sick. Hope to be able to blog with you sometime today. Love, Mora/Mom/Nana


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