Monday, November 15, 2010

not a post about being sick

I know I've hardly posted at all this month (and by "hardly", I mean only once), but I figured no one would be too interested in my whining about how hard this pregnancy has been. Especially since I personally know friends who have really struggled to conceive and/or carry a pregnancy to term. I know this baby is a blessing, but my reality is that this pregnancy HAS BEEN HARD. Harder than any of my other four. Without going into all the lovely details, it's suffice to say that so far I've lost over 12 lbs in the last 4-5 weeks... and while I suppose that could be seen as a very thin silver lining to an otherwise very black and ugly cloud, I don't suggest constant nausea and vomiting as a great weight loss method!

Enough about THAT.

Although I haven't participated in months, I couldn't resist this week's challenge at i heart faces... silhouettes. The image I chose is one from a family session I photographed this spring. The thing I love about this picture is that it wasn't posed. It was a spontaneous moment between mama and baby while we were standing around waiting for biggest brother to return home from school for the session. I happened to snap this, not knowing how it would turn out, while we were standing around killing time. My favourite kind of picture.

V D & family-23

There are bound to be hundreds of entries this week... and likely some amazingly creative ones at that.

P.S. I promise to post a real update soon. Cross my heart.


  1. Here via iheartfaces. I'm taking part for the very first time today:) I absolutely LOVE
    your picture!!

    PS. My first pregnancy was also really hard...I got ill for the last time on the delivery table!!... just before they delivered my baby!! I have lots of empathy...hang in there:)

  2. Thanks Amy, I love it too ;) !!

  3. I love it!

    I came here through i heart faces and quickly realized I knew you from the ottawa flickr stream!


  4. Wonderful picture!! You sure can get those photos! Hugs, A. Dianne

  5. So, so sweet...I really love this photo. Wonderful job!

  6. absolutely lovely, thanks for sharing and visiting my blog :)

  7. Congratulations on the pregnancy Amy! So exciting! I was always sicker when I carried my girls..... :)

  8. I love it. It is absolutely magical! Congratulations on the pregnancy. I am so sorry for all of your sickness with it. I know that is NO FUN at all. I will say a prayer for you today. Again, beautiful picture. Lovely work!

  9. This is just beautiful! PERFECT! :-)

  10. Wait, what -- PREGNANT?!? ZOMG, Amy, how the hell did I miss that? Wowza, congratulations!!!!!!!

    And congrats on your Canadian Blog Award recognition, too! You deserve so much joy for the amount you pump in to the world. xo


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