Tuesday, June 22, 2010

he keeps us on our toes

Not too long ago, I heard some small banging noises coming from the back of the house. I figured that Andrew must be playing in the boys room. Although he was likely wrecking his brothers' Lego creations, I wasn't overly concerned.

It's his room too, so he plays in there all the time.

But he's never done this...

uh oh-1uh oh-2

This is how I found him.

Totally comfortable. Totally unfazed. Pleased as punch that he'd finally gotten ahold of Liam's money keeper thing. As fate would have it, I'd just finished downloading all the pictures from this weekend and my camera was in hand. Otherwise I'd have been totally torn between really wanting a picture of this moment and really NOT wanting my 18 month old to face plant off a six foot high shelf... There are definitely benefits to your right hand being a camera!

Looks like we now have yet another room that will require a closed door during waking hours. Our house is losing square footage by the day with this monkey.


  1. oh. my. god. heart attack on a shelf.

  2. How in the heck did he get UP there?!

  3. Wow. And I thought my 13 month old trying to climb the fridge the other day was impressive ;)

  4. Oh my Goodness!!! That is so fantastic and terrifying at the same time. Glad you had your camera with you. He is going to just love this picture as he gets older. :)

  5. ha! what a little monkey!

    i found my daughter on the top of the fridge once.


  6. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Haha this picture with a banana in his hand would be hilarious! ;)
    (does you shelves are screwed in the wall???)

  7. hahaha!!! Awesome!!! I love that picture with him looking dramatically into the distance as he lounges. That took some planning!

    - Sara

  8. those are the best pictures! i so love them! you need to go check out ninja mom's blog. she's got a crazy climber too! http://www.ninjamom.ca/Ninja_Mom/Ninja_Mom/Ninja_Mom.html

  9. My heart was in my mouth when I saw these pictures. He is SO MUCH like his father!! We would find Peter on top of EVERYTHING! It is a miracle kids live through childhood! That could have so incredibly dangerous...SO THANKFUL he didn't fall! Love, Mom/Mora/Nana

  10. Well, I had posted a comment, but don't see it!! My mouth is still open, when I see this picture. And-----he looks so pleased with himself!!! Obviously, mission accomplished!!!!! Hugs, A. Dianne

  11. Wow! Look at that boy! Brave little soul. I hear 3rd children are often monkey! I am worried about mind :) Thankfully he has yet to crawl!

  12. Great photos! But oh my goodness!

  13. Wow!!! Scary. Amazing. Great picture.

    Still...terrifying. I'd love to know how he managed that!! He is so cute up there so content.


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