Sunday, June 20, 2010

like father, like son

Before I get to the meat of the matter, a few of the things that Liam shared that he has in common with Peter:
  • we both like to burp without saying "excuse me"
  • we both like getting our feet and back rubbed
  • we both like cleaning our noses before bed
  • we both like spaghetti and garlic bread
  • we both like to take showers
  • we both have blue eyes
  • we both love mommy and like bringing her home special things
I love the first one.

And the last one.

Ah, seven year olds.

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

A letter to Peter, on this Father's Day, listing (some of) the ways that you bless us:

We are blessed by your incredibly strong work ethic and the way you provide for our family.
We are blessed by your fierce devotion and loyalty to our family.
We are blessed by the sacrifices you make.
We are blessed by the compromises you make.
We are blessed by the steps you take to become the best father and husband you can be.
We are blessed by the steps you take to always grow in your relationship with God.
We are blessed by the time you spend with us and the effort you put into making ordinary days fun (even if they involve more treats than mom would normally allow).
We are blessed by your supreme grilled-cheese-making skills and your mastery of egg-in-a-hole.
We are blessed to be your top priority.
We are blessed by your strength, protection and the unconditional love you show us daily.

On days like Father's Day, everywhere you look in the stores (every greeting card, every cake top, every over-priced coffee mug) and everything you read online (every Father's Day related blog post, Facebook update, or tweet) is claiming their father or their husband as "the World's BEST Dad". In a way, it seems kind of empty. Like something we say because we're supposed to.

What I do know is that you are the best, the #1, and the World's greatest dad for this family. For these boys. For Liam, Simon and Andrew. In as much as they were each a gift to us, you are a gift to them. Peter, I can't imagine how different this day would be had our lives taken a different path. The mere thought is pretty terrifying. You are a gift to our boys and you are a gift to me. And today we celebrate you.

* * * * * * * * * * *

A little slideshow of pictures from this last year... the least silly ones. I wonder that Liam can't make a nice face for the camera, but after looking back at a year of pictures of Peter, the reason is now clear. One last item that Liam and Peter have in common:
  • can't seem to take a nice picture with making a face/sticking their tongues out/making a gun out of their fingers/adding jazz hands.
Like father, like son.


  1. Such cute "Father and Son" similarities! Love Liam's things he says he has in common with his dad. :o) & the many ways that your husband has been a blessing.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Enjoy the rest of your Father's day together.
    The slideshow of photos were wonderful :o)

  2. Happy Father's Day Peter!! Love the pictures!!


  3. Don't tell mom, but I may or may not burp every now and then without saying "excuse me" too! Okay, maybe more than a few times... Love you guys!


  4. Amy, Loved the video and your acknowledgement of Peter's role in the molding of the young lives of your boys. You have written a treasure that will be KEPT in your family. Love and Hugs, A. Dianne

  5. LOVED the pictures and the tribute to Peter to you that you wrote, Amy, as well as Liam's similarities with his Dad. Such a precious blog. Peter will want to frame this and keep it forever. He will feel like a million dollars!! That is the most precious, special gift any husband could receive! Love, Mom/Mora/Nana PS We think ALL of you are pretty special!!


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