Friday, June 11, 2010

boy we were young!

Yesterday was Peter and my 10th wedding anniversary.


A full decade.

We've been married for a third of our lives.


(Sorry for the poor quality pictures. They're pictures of pictures, actually. Picture that I clearly didn't 
even take the time to dust off before taking pictures of them. These aren't even my favourites. Those ones are in
 frames... somewhere. Framed pictures that -after living in our home for two years- we 
still haven't hung up. Or even taken out of the boxes they were packed in.)

The night before our anniversary, I was up late putting a coat of primer on a shelf and dresser (this dresser), and was still sound asleep when Peter slipped out of bed. When Andrew woke up, Peter quickly came and got him and took him out, giving me a few more blessed moments of sleep. Although breakfast in bed features prominently in all our special days, I was genuinely surprised when he and the boys came in with a tray loaded with food. 

Weeks ago, we had decided to celebrate our anniversary on Friday (today). So the tray loaded -with bacon and eggs and cheese, a bagel, yogurt, fresh berries, orange juice and green smoothie- and decorated with a cute little cactus (not sure if that is a euphemism for something in our marriage??), some of my favourite chocolate and some cards (two made by my favourite little hands and one carefully picked out by my favourite big hands) was an amazing surprise. Part of the surprise was that Peter had gone out an bought an actual breakfast tray! A really nice dark wood one! So we can quit using the slightly warped and dingy cookie sheet we've used up til now.

Then last night we had a special anniversary meal. My mom had offered to take us all out, but we decided against pouring over a menu and asking a million questions in an attempt to find food safe for Simon and Andrew, then waiting impatiently for the food to come while telling Liam not-to-drink-his-juice-so-fast and threatening bodily harm to Simon if-he-doesn't-sit-down-and-be-quiet and being thwarted in our vain attempts to keep Andrew occupied with a full suitcase of toys, then hardly tasting our food because we're so desperate to get out of there. Instead we opted to eat in the almost-peace and mostly-quiet of our own home, complete with an actual table cloth on the table (*gasp* you mean some of you do this every day??), drinks sipped from long-stem glasses (OJ with a little -little!- Sprite for the boys and some of our latest batch of wine for the adults), lots of yummy food and two kinds of dessert (but no one really liked the store bought gluten-free apple pie).

And then tonight, I'll be picking Peter up from work and we'll go... somewhere. It's a surprise! We don't do this kind of thing often ever, so I'm really excited. All I know is I'm supposed to dress up and bring a bottle of wine. Fun, right? Liam will be at an event at the church (chauffeured by friends), and the two littlest will be at home here with my mom. So that will leave Peter and I alone to enjoy each other's company, have a (hopefully) great night, and celebrate the fact that we've been married for ten years.

After all we've been through, it really is a miracle.

I was blessed to find a best friend thirteen years ago in high school. I was blessed to marry that same person three years later. In the last ten years, we've faced things that most couples never will. Of those who do, most don't come through it all still married. But I can very honestly say that I'd do it all again to end up where I am today -go through all the pain, all the struggles, all the grief, all the loss- to have the life I have today. I have a wonderful family, amazing kids who I adore, and a husband who works hard, is a great dad, and who loves me unconditionally. 

I can be stubborn and scatterbrained, unorganized and impetuous. I leave much to be desired as a housekeeper. I have a million and one half-finished projects on the go (and in the way). I'm constantly having to call him to ask where I put something that I now can't find. I force him to eat/drink/do things just "because they're good for you". I'm far, far from being a perfect wife.

And yet he loves me.

Happy Anniversary, Peter. 

I'm blessed to have you in my life. I'm lucky to be your wife. I'm excited to see where this next ten years will take us.

I love you.

(And because it sort of fits, I'm going to link this up to my favourite Flashback Friday parties over at Tia's and Alicia's.)


  1. congrats! 10 years!

  2. Wow what a good post! You almost make me cry! :) Have a wonderfull evening...and night ;) with your love!
    And happy anniversary!!
    We love you guys!
    Elise...and all the Pichette!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your evening out together. I still need to meet this husband of yours. :) Blessings to you both!!

  4. I'm horrible at remembering what date is it today... I can't believe I missed the day of! Happy 10th Anniversary!!!! You guys are such an amazing couple, and I love that you're family! :) Have a great night! I love surprises!


  5. What a sweet post! It sounds like you are going to have a great time together tonight!! Enjoy!

    Happy Anniversary!

    I do love your wedding pictures! You both look so young.

  6. That is such a sweet post. Happy Anniversary! May the Good Lord continue to bless your marriage and your family.

  7. What a beautiful post. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Wow, so beautiful then, and even more beautiful now. Happy Anniversary, lovely people.

  9. Aw!!!

    You guys!!!

    ...very cute.

    Congratulations. Ten years is a big deal.

    I can see the love <3

  10. Happy ANniversary!!! Ten goes by in a flash, doesn't it? Our tenth is coming up in September, and I still don't believe it. I hope you had a wonderful time.

  11. Congratulations on your 10 year wedding anniversary. I loved your marriage photograph and the one of you both now. A beautiful couple with beautiful children.

  12. Congratulations! I hope you had a wonderful night!

  13. Hey, you two adorable people!!!!! Happy Anniversary 10 Years!!!!!! You have lived quite a life in those 10 years!!! I want to remind you, you were VERY young when you got married and you are still VERY young and you both look Fantastic!!!!! Hugs, A. Dianne

  14. Happy 10th Anniversary! I love your wedding photos, and if these are not some of your favorites, your framed ones must be amazing! I love your current photo of you two also....

    A sweet tribute to a blessed couple...blessings for many more years together!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  15. You truly are an inspiration! Happy Anniversary!

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  17. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on 10 years. Happy celebrating!!

  18. That's beautiful Amy! Congrats to you. Today is our 11th Anniversary. With D2 being so young and still nursing it was pretty low key, just takeout Indian food. But really, low key is still pretty wonderful when you spend it with the one, isn't it :)

    Hope your surprise evening was everything you hoped it would be!

  19. We celebrate 10 years in September. Like you I married my best friend and high school sweetheart. I couldn't be happier. That comes from history, so I get exactly what you say here. Congratulations! To 10 and many more!!

  20. Oh, this post was so lovely! I teared up a little bit. Happy anniversary, can't wait to hear about the big surprise outing!

  21. happy anniversary! sounds like a lovely day and i can't wait to hear where the surprise was!

  22. Your profile is up on the BOLO site! Let me know if there are any errors :).

  23. Happy Anniversary! I loved this whole post, but this part?

    I can be stubborn and scatterbrained, unorganized and impetuous. I leave much to be desired as a housekeeper. I have a million and one half-finished projects on the go (and in the way). I'm constantly having to call him to ask where I put something that I now can't find. I force him to eat/drink/do things just "because they're good for you". I'm far, far from being a perfect wife.

    Um, yeah. Are you me? Cuz that sure sounds familiar!!


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