Sunday, September 13, 2009

oh that's right. I have a blog.

Take a look at my Blog Archive...

March - 25 posts
April - 32 posts
May - 31 posts
June - 21 posts
July - 24 posts
August - hmmm, only 14 posts?

And now with almost half of September behind us? 2 posts! Only two! This will be my third, but still. September is looking to be a rather lean month on the blogging front. It's not due to a lack of blog fodder, rather a lack of time to devote to the dear ol' blog. Highlights from recent weeks:
  • been swimming to two lakes, five pools (and actually swam in four), and a fun water spray park
  • Liam lost two teeth (I pulled one and he ate the other, a discovery which was quickly followed by a total  complete and monumental meltdown)
  • we had a very successful lemonade stand (to the tune of $72 profit)
  • our first few weeks of homeschooling have come and gone... and the novelty (for me) has yet to wear off (Liam, however, is wondering when THE REST OF HIS CLASSMATES WILL BE JOINING US... um...)
  • Simon made the kind of mess that seriously threatened his very existence (a story that MUST be told, but that I still can't think about with getting very, very, VERY angry)
  • had to Google "how to remove a leech" AND "how to flush stain from a screaming toddler's eyes" all in one weekend
  • Andrew made it painfully clear that I had to choose between eating chocolate OR sleeping
  • because of our decision to home school, I was able to book our tickets back to Regina for Christmas for an OVER THREE WEEK visit... Liam started packing his bag that afternoon.
  • I got my hair cut. Short.
  • we had a family photo shoot, done my the talented Melanie for mPhotography, whose blog I re-designed. Great trade, eh? I can't wait to get some proofs to share with you all.
  • have taken HUNDREDS of pictures, yet posted none. Looking back, I haven't posted a picture since August 19th! Must. Remedy. The. Situation.
I'm really hoping that once I have my homeschooling/housework/etc schedule nailed down, I'll be able to find a little bit more time for me. I realize that some (*cough* Peter *cough, cough*) may not understand the attraction to this whole bloggy world, but for me, it's my time to not only record memories of this season with our boys, but also to connect with other moms. It's important to me. Although I'll willingly give it up in order to homeschool Liam, I do miss it and hope to be able to find the time continue, even if on a less frequent basis.

Now to see about those photos...


  1. I enjoy reading your blog, so be sure to post when you can. I really like your humour and vibe and can relate to much of your subject. Best wishes in homeschooling. I wish I could send my kids up to you for classmates. :)

  2. What the...? Just WHO the F-bomb is from Regina? You mean there are MORE of us around here? We should start a club!

  3. I figured you were busy with the homeschooling schedule. Sounds like a very busy few weeks and I can't wait to hear more details!

  4. What the heck kind of lemonade are you selling if you make $72 profit?!?!? I didn't make that much at my last garage sale!

  5. September is one of those months, isn't it? I've been busy too, it's funny how it goes.

    Glad to see you're ok! Wow, lots has happened to you guys hasn't it? I can't wait to read about it all!

  6. You did end up cutting your hair, huh? Post a picture! You have been MIA for real, Amy!

  7. Oh, so much to say I should probably call you! Can't wait to see pictures, pictures, and more pictures (love the ones you posted after this post) - of your short hair and family photo shoot especially. So glad you are enjoying teaching! And I'm excited that you get to go to Regina for so long. You have been busy, lady, but it sounds like "good busy" - except for the whole Simon incident...oh my.

  8. Amy, I miss you so much. Time pass so fast since school begin... I'm so excited to see the picture of the lemonade stand...
    I hope we can see each others soon...
    Please post more of your beautiful pictures!!!


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