Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ouch! and an idea

I am moving verrrry slowly today.

When I awoke this morning, I began a detailed assessment of the damage done by yesterday's inaugural Shred. Wiggled my finger, no pain. Wiggled my toes, so far so good.

But it all went down hill from there.

There is not a single part of my body that does not register pain when moved. My neck is stiff, my back is sore, my arms throb even sitting here at the table typing, my legs screamed in protest when I made them walk up three -THREE!- stairs from the back door. Jillian Michael's worked me over good.

Will I go back for more?? Absolutely! As much as it hurts right now, I know that's what it takes to change my body and get in shape. Yet as stoic as that sounds, I do reserve the right to whine and complain about it for as long as it hurts... so for the next 30 days at least!

However, I won't bore you with daily woe-is-me-and-my-aching-self posts. I've decided to limit such fitness-induced navel gazing to once each week. I'm thinking of adding a Mr. Linky so that others can easily share their Shred journeys with me us. I thought we could open it up to any sort of fitness post... maybe a "Sunday Shred" carnival or even "Fitness Friday". I like the idea of doing it on the weekend as a week-in-review type thing.

Any thoughts? Am I getting a bit too big for my britches thinking I could host a Mr. Linky carnival? Would it just be me, Tia, and Lou (Who WILL be continuing with the Shred! We made a deal, lady... I've got your address, remember?? I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.)? What about you, Anna? You could link up your Workout Wednesday posts?

Maybe I'll try it for a few weeks STARTING THIS FRIDAY and see how it goes. I know I'll feel pretty silly/sheepish/lame if no one participates so please play along. ANY fitness related post written ANY day this last week is eligible.

Now I'm off to figure out Mr Linky.

Which will take awhile seeing as I'm typing with my nose.


  1. I do "workout wednesday", but it is on the ultimate field!

  2. I may participate now and then. Although I am not working out much these days - I should be.

  3. Good for you! The first few days hurt, but if you can get past the burn then it is all uphill or slim down from there.

    Not sure if you are wanting to link to my "Workout Wednesdays" or something else, email me and we can "chat".

  4. I followed the Casual Perfectionist for most of her month of Shredding. Seems to have worked wonders for her. I hope your carnival gets off the ground. I don't shred, but I do other stuff. The most interesting is Zumba on Thursdays. I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear about that though

  5. I'll join in! I do my fitness posts on fridays anyway, so that is perfect! I'm curious about this shred dvd... I think I want to see if I can find it in one of our stores.

  6. I finished Day 2 and I feel great, sore - but great! My sister did it with me, too. She's really fit and I wanted to see what she thought of it... she told me to continue for the rest of the 28 days! We were both sweating. And she did Body Pump yesterday, 30 minutes on the eliptical at lunch, and roller bladed to my house. Yup. She's way way way more fit then me!
    When do we switch to leve 2? When we feel ready? Like, maybe next week?

  7. @Chantal At Christmas then.

    @Anna I was thinking of adding a Mr. Linky widget so that people could link up their own fitness posts.

    @XUP I don't even know what Zumba is, off to google...

    @Sab Get it! Join us!

    @Loukia I was thinking of doing 10 days at each level, but maybe I should watch all three before I decide.

  8. It really does get better! I was brutally sore the first two days after working out and then on the third day (so day 4 of the Shred) I felt much better.

    I stopped doing it for about a month or so because I hurt my knees, and I just did it for the first time since then today. It wasn't as hard this time as the very first time, so your body adjusts to it pretty quickly - I guess she really knows what she's talking about!

    Because of my knees I think I'm only going to do it every 2-3 days to give those joints a break in between, but I love all her ab work that she does so I'm going to get back into doing abs every evening while watching TV.

    Good luck! I'll take part in a Friday or Sunday post-fest if I have anything to report!


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