Monday, June 15, 2009

day 1 complete

Day 1 of the Shred is complete.

It was hard.

Immediately following, I came upstairs -stairs that were suddenly much longer than before- for a glass of water. I shakily poured water into a glass that my tired arms then had a hard time even lifting to my lips. I carried -the suddenly much heavier feeling- Andrew to the bathroom to run a shower, and when I was forced to do a semi-squat in the tub to grab the soap, my legs almost gave out all together.

That all being said, I still feel great.

My body feels LIKE MUSH, but my heart is proud and my head is excited about actually doing something to change how I look and feel about myself.

Unfortunately, I'm not one of those women whose self-esteem is not at all tied into their physical appearance. I would never go so far as to say that my confidence is wrapped up in how I look, but I don't like feeling awkward and embarrassed in my own skin. I'm sure that most people would say that I "look fine", or to that I "should give myself a break", or remind me that I "just had a baby". Yeah, almost six months ago!

I am in awe of women who can look at their stretched and scarred skin and lovingly see it all as a badge of honour. Marks of motherhood. While I do love what these stretch marks and extra skin have brought me, and I do strive to love myself for who and what I am, I also feel that fitness and health are important. And in my current state I don't feel fit and I don't feel healthy. I don't feel confident in how I look, and I don't feel at all attractive - and no amount of arguing on Peter's part has been able to change that.

I'm not striving for anything drastic. I simply want to be able to fit into the closet full of clothes that I currently own. I want to be able to use my own belts and not Peter's. I want to be able to take my kids swimming and actually enjoy myself and not spend the whole time feeling awful and uncomfortable.

In addition to doing the Shred, I'm going to start being more conscious about what I'm eating. We eat pretty healthily around here, but I know I can do better. I'm a serious chocolate junky. And I love ice cream. And cookies. And chips.

And I have ZERO self-control.

I can't just say I'll have one cookie or one bite of chocolate. If it's in the house, I'll eat it. If I make cookies, I eat half a dozen a day (cause I make goooood cookies). If we open a bag of chips, I'll eat them until they're gone.

Here's my battle plan:
- 30-Day Shred FOR 30 DAYS (I was going to do it a few days a week, but have decided it's got to be all or nothing. I can't give myself permission to take it easy or all totally slack off. I know this.)
- no eating after 8pm (this is going to be haaard, since Peter and I often have ice cream at night for a snack)
- fill the house with healthy snacks: soaked/roasted nuts, soaked granola w/ nuts and seeds, dried (unsulphered) fruit, fresh veggies w/ hummus, pitas w/ lactofermented salsa, baked kale (which I'm munching on right now)
- try to go for walks as a family several nights a week, especially once Liam is finished school for the summer and doesn't have such a rigid bedtime
- drink less juice (a big one for me as I could easily drink 2L of OJ every day. I lovez it.)

I know that I promised mentioned the possibility of pictures, but I don't think I can do it. Not yet. Maybe in a few months when I have an "After" shot to compare it to, but not now. I'm not brave enough.

But I will post my equally embarrassing measurements:
- mid thigh (about where my fingers hit when my arms are to my sides): 21"
- upper thigh: 25"
- hips (widest part): 41.5"
- waist (at bellybutton): 35"
- ribs (right under bra): 31"
- bicep: will get back to you when I can actually raise my arms to measure
- bust: as a nursing mother, there's no point measuring this

A few things to note for those of you thinking about this excersice DVD:
- Follow Anita. Those who already Shread, already know what I mean. Those who don't will find out within about 30 seconds.
- Do any neccessary house work BEFORE working out. This includes anything that might require you to sit, stand, walk, bend or breathe.
- Invest in a quality sports bra. Given the choice between the two sad, sad sports bras I was able to dig out from the bottom of my underwear drawer, I opted to wear BOTH. The were no match for having nursed three babies, gravity and/or jumping jacks.

P.S. I'll still eat chocolate, but it'll be the 80%+ cocoa kind. Donations accepted.


  1. GO FOR IT AMY!!!! Sounds like good choices. Do they give you any ideas on quantities of food and which foods? You will do great! Love ya, A. Dianne

  2. Ok Amy...I will not make poutine for you anymore! :)

  3. Now you know how I felt last week :) I'm yet to do today's shred, just waiting for kids to give me a 20 minute break (yes, I'm kidding, there's no such thing). The only more advanced thing I can do from level 1 are the butt kicks(all the way)at the end, it's a basic move in irish dancing so I'm used to them. the rest still needs work, lots of it.

    don't buy stuff that tempts you when you are at home, seriously. go shopping on a full stomach, then it will be easier to skip that stuff at the store = no temptation at home.

    and night snaking is no worse than day time snacking ;) Just FYI... Growing up we always had dinner between 8 and 9 p.m. and we often still do that in our family. It just depends on what your body gets used to...

  4. Congrats on day 1!!!

    yay! you can do it

    although, I hear you about late snacks...

  5. btw, I just finished day 2 (after a 2 day break) and I must say I feel much better this time. Still a bit shaky afterwards, but not nearly as much. I also felt more in control during exercises, following Natalie most of the time. It could be because I went out and got lighter 3lb weights and used those on some more intense exercises...

  6. You rock! I am actually looking forward to this Shred thing. Of course I can't do it till after Christmas, but that is okay by me! :)

  7. Amy, I just read this and I'm just about to start the Shred. I'm doing it in my family room while the boys are sleeping upstairs... I hope I do not wake them! I'm so scared. Do you realize I carry my 16 month old who weighs 27 pounds everywhere, all the time, and sometimes, (okay, daily) I even carry my almost 4 year old who weighs 50 pounds? Am I in trouble or what??????

  8. I'm impressed with your dedication!! I just might have to get the video. I always have some excuse, and having a workout video I can do any time during the day and can pause if I need to takes away the excuses... which sounds like a good AND a bad thing right now!

  9. ok... I want to do this dvd!

  10. i started! i did day 1 today, and i don't know but i feel ok! my legs feel somewhat like jell-o, but i have a feeling that that is the purpose of the squat punches! and honestly, i found it harder to do what anita was doing... only doing a half squat to me is harder than a full squat. oh, and the sweat dripping down my face was GROSS!!! best $14.98 i ever spent!!! cya on day 2!


  11. Hey, thank you for stopping by my blog and I'm glad you found me through Phoebe. Isn't she great?!

    My babes and I did Day 2 today. Day 1 was on Tuesday and I just couldn't do it again the next day. I can't believe how out of shape I've gotten. And I'm not talking gaining weight, just overall physical health. Day 2 still kicked my butt - my shoulder, chest, legs and abs are all still sore and I laughed OUT LOUD when I read your note about doing housework BEFORE doing the Shred. It is so true!

    Thanks for the invite, I hope to link up with ya! Have a great night!


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