Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday: child labour

Ever get tired of vacuuming?

Do your household chores seem to pile up and multiply each time you turn your head?

Don't you wish you could get a little help?

Or how about a little helper?

We have a Dyson vacuum. We just call him "Dyson" around here. Or "Sonny". It's a term of endearment. At first we were hesitant to shell out all that cash when we were in need of a new vacuum. Was I simply being tempted by all the promises of easy handling and unending suction? Would he really live up to all the hype?

He has.

In spades.

I "heart" Dyson.

Normally Simon's "help" with the vacuuming consists of pushing the on/off button. Repeatedly. However yesterday we realized that, when not fully extended, the handle is just the right height for him. He vacuumed the majority of our freshly cleaned playroom on his own.

I promised that if he did a good job I would give him some pants.

Having Simon do some of the housework AND THINK IT WAS FUN, it Works For Me.

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  1. He really doesn't leave that little wiener alone does he? I guess, even during forced child labour, he can still have fun! Love you Simon (from Auntie Heather)!

  2. Amy, love your pictures and the roasted red pepper soup sounds delicious! I am going to have to try it! Congratulate yourself! Your child has already learned to multitask! We loved the marker video!!!! Love ya, Dianne

  3. It's funny than all the (young) kids love top help us with all the work in the house! And by the way two it's not to young for laundry...I already have Lilou to unload the dryer for me each day! ;)
    Have a good day!

  4. Look how organized your playroom is! Good for you! And luckily for us, too, my boys love to vacuum!

  5. That is too cute. I remember my sis was terrified of the vaccum. I loved it. Especially watching things like socks disappear...

  6. My kids love vacuuming but I can't get over my OCD that they don't, you know, get every inch of the floor.

    I need help, seriously.

    I want a Dyson too, the one with the ball so it goes around corners easily. I can only dream for now.

  7. Alyssa and I are drooling over the Dyson....see this was my idea all along.....lot's of kids = work myself out of a job!! ROFL!!! j/k, you got to take advantage now.......12yo's are a little less willing! ;o) (unless Mama does a small amount of deal making!!lol)

    Thank you for the recipes!! I've got them written down now and will be making them this week!! Yummy!! It's kind of boring eating the same stuff repeatedly with this strict diet!!

  8. Um...while I am THRILLED to know that I am not the only one who uses child labor, the main thing I take from this post is that AWESOME room he is cleaning!!!! Seriously, I am JEALOUS!!!


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