Monday, March 23, 2009

I'd love you to love me

Peter and I met in high school. Although I'd known about him for a few years from mutual friends who he'd grown up with in Argentina, I don't think we'd ever had a class together or even spoken. He'd always been that cute guy whose locker was plastered with pictures of soccer players (read: other cute guys. Is that weird?).

During our senior year, a few girlfriends and I used to go watch the guys' soccer team play after school. When I heard they were looking for a team manager, I figured I'd volunteer since I was there anyways. That way I'd have an excuse for why I was there oogling the players every game.

One game early in the season, I was sitting with the staff adviser. He was acquainting me with the names of all of the players. He pointed at Peter, the captain of the team, and said (in his lovely British accent), "That's Peter. He's a beautiful player!".

I thought to myself, "You're not kidding."

That was September and we remained friends throughout the soccer season. Peter finally plucked up enough nerve to ask me out a few minutes before midnight on Dec 31st, 1996.

We've been together ever since.

There's been a lot of fun, A LOT of tears, exciting adventures, faraway travels, heartbreaking lows and amazing highs.

I wouldn't change anything that's brought us to where we are today.

(Will rustle up some pics to add to this post tomorrow. Pictures that are 13 years old. You know you'll be back.)

Also, do you have a story about marriage/love/engagement/wedding or maybe a bit of advice for a soon-to-be-engaged-but-the-gal-doesn't-know-it-yet couple? If so, write a post and head over to The Glamorous Life Association and add your link to the list... there's a secret proposal going on... shhhhhhh.


  1. What a sweet story. And I never thought about becoming the team manager to keep my eye on a guy -- well, it's too late now. My husband would be mildly irritated. ;)

  2. Very sweet indeed! :) My hubby and I are also high school sweethearts. We've known eachother our entire lives... we used to hang out at my friends house (he is her cousin) and swim together and play as kids! And now we make children together! Haha...

  3. I will be back! There better be big, embarrassing hair in those pics :).

  4. Awwww, such a sweet story.

    So glad you took part in this. I'm so excited about watching this unfold!

  5. I love looking at old pictures. Can't wait!

  6. We met in November, got engaged in December, and were married in May.

    Nine years ago :)

  7. I was team manager of the basketball team and it didn't turn out that well! haha

  8. We're glad you are in the family, Amy. We think Peter is very special and he has a very special wife!! You are both VERY much loved! We're delighted that you are both where you are today too!! Lots of love, Mom/Mora

  9. Love your story. Hubby and I have known each other since 1984. We went to High School together, but did not start dating until 11 years later. And here we are married 10 years in May. Craziness I tell ya.


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