Sunday, March 22, 2009

weekend watch

I thought I'd start a fun series to share some of my online discoveries.

I've been getting to know some other Ottawa-area bloggers. Here -in no particular order other than the order I found them in- are some great capital city blogs.

a peek inside the fishbowl

Postcards from the Mothership

Life is Good at the Beach

A Crafty Mom's Blog


Two Hands Full

Loulou's View

Hopefully you'll enjoy the writing of some of these great Ottawa ladies.

(If any of you are visiting me here, hopefully we'll get to meet someday. What say we leave the kids with the men-folk and meet for something that isn't served in a sippy cup or as part of a Happy Meal?)

If you're an Ottawa blogger that I've missed (I'm sure there are loads that I don't know about since I only started looking a few weeks ago... You mean I'm not the only one?? Here I thought I was all original.), leave me a comment and I'll add you to the list.


  1. Thanks for the shout out. It has been nice to 'meet' you too! And yes, we should get out for coffee where we can enjoy a coffee and meet without kids all over us :)

  2. Great list!! I loved finding your blog too, and I would love to meet sometime for a non-sippy drink!

  3. I agree, great list, many of those are blogs I visit daily, including yours! So thank you! :)
    And yes I think an Ottawa mommy blog get together should happen! Dinner, coffee, drinks, whatever - it will be so much fun to meet everyone!

  4. I would love a blogger meet up. This summer for sure. You were very brave on your last post to show all those photos. Funny my house looks very simliar (the mess, not the house). Take Care.

  5. Here is another Ottawa blogger-

    My husband grew up in Ottawa but we live in northwestern Ontario now (he is a minister so we move around). His blogs are and


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