Wednesday, March 25, 2009

today's forecast: joy

As I sit here at the kitchen table, the sun STREAMING in the windows, the online weather forecast promising a down right balmy +11 C (that'd be 51 F for my south of the boarder friends), I heard an unfamiliar sound...


It's birds.

Birds singing.

Birds singing LOUDLY.


They're as excited about spring and warm weather and sunshine as I am. This is seriously the first time I've heard birds sing like this IN MONTHS. They're singing like they just CAN'T HELP IT and I'm sitting here with a big, goofy grin on my face to hear them. I love the sound of birds in the morning.

Til that darn cardinal that we've dubbed "the 5am cardinal" comes back...


  1. The other day M and I were outside and he said "Mommy the birds are so loud, they are SOOOOO loud". It was amazing. I LOVE spring. Thank goodness it is here.

  2. Oh how I wish we would have your balmy +11 weather right now! Or even to just hear those joyful birds!! But there's nothing joyful about what's going on outside in Manitoba this morning!


  3. I stopped J the other day while he was running to school and said, "Do you hear that?" he said, "What?" and my reply "the birds are back!!"

    You know Spring is here to stay when the birds are back and happy as can be.


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