Tuesday, January 27, 2009

maybe it should be "52 weeks of pictures"...

Jan 17th
This sling is getting more comfy as I get more comfortable using it. I noticed the other day that it's almost the exact same colors as the new diaper bag I got (to tote around dipes for TWO now... my other bag, while awesome, wasn't big enough).

Jan 19th
Simon at his station. Waiting for the school bus to arrive and drop Liam off.

I don't love the postprocessing on this one yet, but it's hard to get a good picture with how bright it is outside. This picture really needs sound effects too... "Ee-am! EEEEEEE-am home!"
Jan 20th
The soother looks so huge!
Jan 23rd
My first successful back carry with Andrew. He stayed like this while Simon and I peeled the wallpaper border off the spare room. Bye-bye, Brats dolls!

Jan 26th
Liam drew this picture for Simon, and Simon cherishes it. He brings me over to the fridge several times a day (hour) to show it to me. I'm annoyed with how yellow/orange this looks, but it was late so I had to use flash and the pine table/orange marker don't help. Oh well.

Jan 27th
Mmmm, quinoa salad. This has quinoa (obviously), red onion, black olives, cherry tomatoes, cuccumber, feta cheese, chick peas, shredded carrot and lots of mini napa cabage. YUM.

So I missed a few days in there. Sorry. Either my life isn't that exciting or picture worthy, or I'm tired of having to use a flash and don't have the money for a new lense, or I'm lazy. OR ALL THREE.

Don't kick me out of the club, yo. I'll step up.


  1. Love the pictures Amy! Andrew looks like he's getting bigger already! Are his eyes blue or brown? One picture they were blue, and another one they looked brown.. or is he one of those lucky people who's eyes change color to match what they wear? It's so cute how much Simon and Liam love each other! We miss you guys!

  2. Amy, thanks for taking those everyday pictures, I love it--kinda like getting to be there! The boys are so cute and I love the pictures of Simon waiting for Liam and greeting him. You are looking great! What is quiona? Is it couscous? Looks good! Love ya , Aunt Dianne

  3. I am slowly working on Asher's baby album and looking at his pictures I was thinking the same thing about how huge the pacifier looks in a newborn's mouth. :)


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