Monday, January 19, 2009

playing catch up

Over at the Babywearer, several members are doing a 365 days of pictures challenge, the premiss being to take and upload a picture each day of the year. The goal -or one of them- being to familiarize yourself more with your camera and become a better photographer. Since I'm the first to admit that my photography skills are somewhat lacking (even though I have a decent DSLR -minus all the fancy and $$ lenses I want), I thought I'd participate.

But wait, you say, it's already the 20th of January! Yeah, thanks, I'm aware of that... I JUST HAD A BABY so cut me some slack.

I might start a seperate blog for all these pictures, but for now here's my first, very overdue and very picture heavy, "365 days of pictures" entry:

January 1st
My mom and I took the boys to the Children's Museum for the first time. They LOVED IT. I love that it's free each Thursday afternoon...

January 3rd
I've already posted so many pictures from the day Andrew was born, so here's one from Heather's camera (my second pic and cheating already!).

January 4th
I love Peter's dear-in-the-headlights look here!
January 5th
My first time wrapping Andrew in a proper long wrap (a Hot Mama hemp jersey, if anyone cares to know). I think I kinda look like the victim of a bad spray tan job, but am too lazy to fix it right now.

January 7th
Snuggled up in a vintage blue and white indio shorty. Look how tiny!

January 8th

January 9th
While my mom stayed home with Simon, Liam and I took Andrew in to meet his class. Liam was so proud to sit at the front, holding his new little brother. His friends had a chance to ask questions, see his umbilical cord stump ("ewww"), and then got the chance to hold him. I imagined all the little girls being super excited to see and hold a six day old baby, but the boys were way more into it.
January 11th
A staring contest with grandma.
January 12th
Grandma hasn't forgotten how to play cars.

January 13th
This is a quilt that my mom and I made for Lynette out of a bunch of my dad's flannel shirts... he had a bit of a plaid problem. The backing is big squares from some of his (many) favorite sweatshirts. While likely not heirloom quality, I love how each of the squares reminds me of dad.
January 14th
Peter getting in on the babywearing action. I didn't even have to threaten/beg/trick him into it. IT WAS HIS IDEA.

January 15th
This lovely double linen ring sling was lent to me by a Babywearer member from Hawaii. I'm glad I didn't give up and admit defeat when thoroughly frustrated by the gathered shoulder. Now that I've gotten the hang of it, it really is quite comfy (and the colors go with 90% of my clothes!).
January 16th
Think I should lighten this some more?
I still have to upload the ones from the last few days, so will work on that tonight. I realize that none of these are photographic masterpieces, but at least I'm using my camera more. And come December 2009, this should be a fun record of our year. Hope you all enjoy it too.


  1. Awesome pictures Amy! I LOVE all the wraps (send me those websites when you get the chance!). Peter, you look great in a wrap! :) Now Matt won't be able to refuse. It's great to see you all in pictures, and see how excited Liam and Simon are about their new brother. Love you guys!

  2. By the way, I just looked through all the pictures again, and I can't believe how old Liam and Simon are looking!

  3. Great pictures and everyone looks great and happy--well Peter, we know Amy just caught you inbetween those huge grins!! Andrew is an adorable looking baby and how fun for Liam to get to show and tell! Don't you just love the children's museum?! Looked like Simon and Liam were really enjoying the exploring.
    Love you all, A. Dianne

  4. I love all the pictures, but especially love, love, love the one of Andrew on January 8th. Such kissable cheeks. I think you do very well as a photographer, Amy, but I am glad you are going to be taking more pictures and becoming more familiar with your camera because I reap the benefits of getting to see more pictures of you guys! Miss you.


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