Thursday, February 5, 2009

monthly letters? what monthly letters??

So I kind of dropped the ball on this one, eh. But I have plenty of very good excuses... ready? After I started this in November, I wanted to wait til after Simon's birthday party to do a proper post for his 24th month. His actual birthday was on a Tuesday and his party was that Saturday. Well, if you'll remember, the day after his party my dad died. With that, preparing for the holidays, Christmas with family, HAVING A BABY, etc, I just didn't get to these letters. It was even one of my new year's resolutions! Poor show, Amy. (hangs head in shame).

So even though I'm horribly late, I'll start with Simon since his 26th month was Jan 25th.

Simon, you are one bright, energetic, funny and challenging little boy. Your dad and I are daily frustrated and amazed by you... often at the same time. It's sometimes difficult to discipline you with a straight face because you are such a comical, cartoonish little person. There are so many things to love about you, so I'll list a few:

I love the way you talk. Some of my favorites are: "C'mere, mummy/daddy! I dow you dum-ping!", "Yooka me, Daddy! I durt-ding!" (a game that you play with Liam that involves the two of your running from one side of our kitchen through into the living room and crashing into the couch... urrrrch!), "Com'a pay-oom, mummy! Pay banodaurs!" (Come to the playroom! Play dinosaurs!). In all honesty, I really should be writing everything that you say in capital letters with multiple exclamation marks, but I thought it would look obnoxious... hmmm, on second thought...

I love how enamored you are with Andrew and how you say his name like the word 'bamboo', as in "Baby Bambew, Bambew!" and "Bambew key-yoot!" (cute). Actually, you normally refer to him as THE baby Bambew, which always reminds me of The Big Lebowski.

I love how much you love Liam. One of your favorite times of the day is waiting for the school bus to arrive and drop Liam off. I'm not sure that even I would get as big a welcome! He is the whole world to you and it's so much fun to see you to grow up together.

I especially love how, even given your high level of energy and almost constant motion, you'll still indulge your dad and I once in a while and sit quietly and cuddle. Today you even let me wrap you on my back (since you refused to nap) for the first time since I had to stop carrying you last May when I was first pregnant with Andrew. It was so nice to have you snuggled back there... for all of 20 minutes til you realized that Liam was awake and downstairs playing...

I love how after having the Leap Frog Fridge Phonics Letter Set for all of a day, you were singing the ABC song almost without error and now, less than two weeks later, you're pointing out letters EVERYWHERE. Your favorites are the blue 'M' and the green 'W' (which you pronounce "duh-le-boo").

I, if not love, at least get a kick out of how you relate to other little kids... two in particular, Jean-Samuel (the pastor's son) and Melo (Melody, Liam's friend's little sister). There's often a stand off a la Stewie Griffin from Family Guy (I show we never watch, but I've seen small snippets of on occasion). Stewie is described as The Family Guy's "diabolical baby genius". This is fairly fitting for you as I often wonder what you're thinking/plotting. Stewie also seems to have a palpable disdain for other toddlers. Simon, you and Jean-Sam in particular seem to be at odds, often shouting at each other -you in english and him in french- about nothing and everything all at once. It's been like this since our first time at that church.

I love how YOU'RE FINALLY EATING SOUP! Seriously! After over two years, you will finally eat soup and you love it. However, this is no ordinary soup from a can. It's roasted red pepper and garlic soup with coconut milk and homemade crusty spelt bread to dip in it. Perhaps you just have a more refined palate than we were giving you credit for??

It's never dull being your mom, Simon. I'd love to say that your energy is always infectious, but to be honest, it's often draining. There are days that you get into so many things and make so many messes that I just have to laugh. Your dad might complain on occasion about my housekeeping skills, but I personally think that God knew what He was doing when He made me your mom. If I required the house be spotless, I'd have lost my mind at least a year ago! You and I were made for each other! I love you.


  1. What a lovely tribute! Thank you for sharing :o)

  2. Amy, Simon will love this when he is an adult! We laughed so hard reading the way you wrote how he says his words! You moms have a real knack for this and it would be forgotten in another month, because he will have gone on to another pronunciation or way of doing things. I am loving your writing. Love to you, Peter and all those boys! A. Dianne

  3. Amy

    Simon sounds A LOT like Sloan, who's 18 month letter I've been working on for at least a week, we have very similar boys, which makes me miss you all the more and the "I can relate" factor! I love the photo at the end, it doesn't even look real, yet his expression says it all! What a sweetie! I hope things are going well with Andrew, I miss you so much! I hope we can talk, see each other someday soon! Say Hi to the fam for us! Especially to Peter from Rob, he sometimes cries himself to sleep! He is just that sad!

    Ok, thats enough...

    Love you!

  4. Thanks for sharing Amy! :) What a great kid!! Love the pictures. Miss you all!


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