Wednesday, December 10, 2008

you thought I was exaggerating??

Behind Liam is the pile of snow THAT SHOULD BE OUR FRONT LAWN. And this was taken before Peter finished shovelling! Here's the view looking up our street. See the pile that goes off to Liam's right. Our house is somewhere behind that pile...
And finally, looking down our street. You can see the paths that have been carved out for people to get in and out of their driveways... carved, in most cases, with snowblowers. Never before have I had such intense snowblower envy as in the last two days.

A funny story from when Liam and I were shovelling this afternoon... I was on our porch clearing it off when I noticed the guy next door throwing his snow ONTO THE SIDEWALK I'D JUST CLEARED. He finally saw me glaring at him (from under my toque and the hood of my coat), and kind of sheepishly backed off.

I can totally see turf wars erupting over every available square inch where one might possibly pile snow. There's just no room for it all.

P.S. Sorry these pics are so crummy. I have yet to master taking pictures of snow. It's tricky.


  1. Liam's expression doesn't seem to show quite the same sentiment towards the snow as have. If only we all could look at the world through the eyes of a child. Snow used to be exciting but, you do have an awful lot of it! erns to your neighbour for throwing snow where an 8 1/2 month pregnant lady has just shoveled. Some people.

  2. I see a snow blower in your future!!! Wow! Looks like fun for the boys!!!
    I know some people buy one together and share the snowblower--maybe your neighbor would think more of your driveway and your shoveling if he shared his snowblower with you!

    I love the new look of your blog--you know far more about these blog things --so not any help for getting the writing off your Dad's face. Great pictures!!

    Amy, you will always miss your Dad.
    Love ya, Dianne

  3. Lady, you are with child and you should not be shoveling snow! Sit down!

  4. I agree with Susanna. Sit your prego butt down! That's why you have Liam! :) And he looks like he LIKES shoveling. I think I was probably 3 when I was first forced out into the freezing winter with a shovel... no breakfast until I could see the cement! Or maybe that's Peter I'm remembering. I would take raking leaves over snow any day too, but it looks like your boys are having fun with it! Those snow mounds look like good sledding hills.. I can't believe that guy would shovel snow onto anyone's freshly shoveled sidewalk, but especially yours, and especially when you're outside watching him. You should start carting ALL of your snow over and dumping it on his driveway. I know that would make ME feel better...


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