Wednesday, December 10, 2008

blog update

I'm trying to put off both shovelling the drive (again... see the post just below this one) and setting up the Christmas tree (bah humbug) a while longer, so decided to update the look of my blog. It's still a work in progress, so expect more changes.

I figured that the fall picture of Liam and Simon -as cute as it was- was no longer representative of the current weather. I'd take raking leaves over shovelling snow ANY DAY.

The picture above is one of Liam, Xavier and Rowan with my dad last winter. I'll post it here too, since I'll likely change it once Peter kicks me out of the house to take some pictures of the current state of our yard, ie. the carnage.

So if you also have a task that you're trying to avoid doing, spent a few idle minutes letting me know what you think of this layout. Do you like the wider column? And does anyone know how I can move the blog title OFF of my dad's face??


  1. What if you aligned the text of your title to the right, instead of being centered? Great picture of your dad with happy boys. Toby is fiercely jealous of people who live where it snows and thinks he is getting totally ripped off.

  2. Oh, Toby... snow is fun to VISIT... not so much to LIVE in.


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