Monday, November 17, 2008

new belly pics

The last/first time I posted pics of my belly (let's be honest... I don't think it can be called a "bump" anymore) it was Aug 19th. So it's been almost three months. Clearly things have changed...

Here I was then:

And now (or a few days ago):
For having only six weeks left when these were taken, I think I'm looking pretty good. I'm a bit anxious to find out how much weight I'll have gained since my last midwives appointment... what with Halloween happening and the copious amount of chocolate that went along with it.

See, I have "baby weight" and I have "chocolate weight". I'm sure that the baby weight will come off easily once babe is out. The chocolate weight, however, will likely require a painful amount of squats.

P.S. Heidy, look at my hair! Come see and cut this mop! I miss you.


  1. Amy, you look adorable, as always :) Looking at your bump makes me miss mine SO much, I think I was carrying Anya in exact the same way as you do.

    Oh, and I'd highly recommend to not ask the m/w about your weight gain ;) It's not about numbers, it's about how you look and feel. And if you feel as good as you look, then you're on the right track!

  2. Well, let's just say I hope I look that good 6 weeks to my due date on my fourth child!

    Matt was looking at the website and said "Wow, Amy's hair is getting really long! She looks different" haha. It looks good!

  3. You look GREAT!

    Eating lots of chocolate makes for a happy baby! :)

  4. My Friend!

    YOU ARE ONE HOT MAMA!!! And your hair is definitely growing out, I guess we are due for a visit!!! I am working on my own Blog (inspirations of you, and I will probably steal all your blog Idea's just so you know!) So I will let you know and keep you updated on life back in cow town!!! Love you, and you do look phenomenal!!!


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