Monday, November 17, 2008

lovely, lovely, lovely

Yesterday after church, Peter and the boys and I hopped into our van and followed our friends, Patrick and Elise, to a nearby hobby farm. There were chickens (in the barn), sheep, pigs and a horse. We went there for the eggs though. $3/dozen for lovely, local free-range eggs... some of the BIGGEST eggs I've ever seen too! Some of them were so big that the carton wouldn't close, and one in particular must've been from a turkey. Or a small ostrich.

I really should've taken a picture of them. Lovely eggs in all their brown speckled loveliness. And the yolks were so YELLOW! None of the pale banana-y color of store-bought, commercial, high-density chicken factory farm eggs. I should've taken a picture.

Simon and I spent the better part of this morning at Value Village taking advantage of their 50% off day. I'll try to get back later today or tonight -who am I kidding? it'll most likely be tomorrow- with some pics of my thrifty finds.

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