Thursday, November 13, 2008

Liam: month 65

My first letter to you, Liam, is even more over due than Simon's. However I think that, with everything going on with Grandpa, I should get a pass for this month.

Grandpa has been on your mind almost as much as mine since we came back from Regina. Whenever you pray, you never fail to remember him and to ask God to make him healthy and for him to feel better. You also always remember to ask that Grandpa be able to come to our house for Christmas. I'm not sure how you'll feel if that doesn't work out.

I asked you when we got back home from Regina if it made you sad that Grandpa was so sick and that he wasn't able to talk to you. You said that it did - and that it also makes you sad to think that Grandpa might die. Seeing how hard it was so say goodbye to our car last night, I'm not too sure how you will deal with saying goodbye to your Grandpa who you love so much.

Speaking of the car, we finally traded the poor Civic in for a minivan last night. Although you were not excited about the prospect of never seeing "our car" again, you quickly forgot about it when you saw the van. I could literally see you eyes glaze over as you watched the doors open on their own to reveal the DVD player inside. Luckily, your brother doesn't realize it's there... I don't know if I could handle having him yell "TV!" at me each and everytime we get in the car.
I continue to be less than impressed with your kindergarten teacher, Mme Seguin. She just doesn't seem to put much effort into you. She complains that you don't listen and seem to daydream a lot. I want to tersely remind her that YOU DON'T SPEAK FRENCH, but instead I smile and say that your dad and I will work more with you. I don't want to be the crazy mom and all the teachers hate, but I also won't sit by and watch her ruin your love of learning! As it is though, you still enjoy school and seem to love her - as much as I don't think she deserves it!

Halloween this year was much anticipated by you. After slaving for hours and hours on your stormtrooper costume last year (and likely inhaling all matter of toxic fumes from all the vinyl I used), you insisted on being a CLONEtrooper this year. To the untrained eye (read non-five year old boy or thirty-three year old man), these two things are exactly the same thing, but the very suggestion by me that you wear your stormtrooper costume again was enough to make your head explode. So for the first year, you wore a store-bought costume. I'm hoping that this won't come back to haunt me in your inevitable therapy sessions.

Clearly, though, you took your role as protector of the Republic VERY SERIOUSLY.

Love, Mom


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  1. Love the new title. :) Your letter to Liam was a nice update on what is going on in his little life. Moving, learning French, staring kindergarten, having a Grandpa who is sick, and getting a new van is a lot to process! I have a lot of memories from being five, and I was thinking about Toby being 5 now and how what he experiences will "stick with him" now that he is older. Where did the time go?


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