Wednesday, November 19, 2008

what a difference a good night's sleep makes!

After barely sleeping Monday night, I was so cranky and grouchy and felt like I was yelling at Liam and Simon all day. Clearly I don't parent so well on 3 hours of sleep. So I put myself to bed at 9:30pm!

Today, well rested and ready to take on the day, I was able to get the following things done:

- made pancakes for the boys for breakfast
- grocery shopping after dropping Liam at school
- separated all the meat I bought into useable amounts
- did the dishes - an embarrassing amount of dishes. All the crusty pots, roasters, bread pans, muffin tins... the stuff that Peter and I try to hold out doing until the other breaks down and does it. I guess it was my turn.
- made a big 2L pitcher of green smoothie (to keep Peter from complaining about not having any for break at school)
- made whole wheat bread FROM SCRATCH! I didn't even use the bread machine! Now my grandmother I am not, but Liam's on his third piece!
- made a double batch of creamy potato leek soup
- did a load of cloth diaper laundry
- reorganized the freezer

All that by 5:30pm! Now if I'm honest, I'll tell you that my feet are throbbing, my lower back is killing me, and I've been having contractions on and off all afternoon, but I do feel good about having a productive day for once. Time to put my feet up and let Peter get me a bowl of Candy Cane Ice Cream (I thought of you, Sara, when I bought this... or is it the After Eight that you like?).

Imagine how clean my house could be if I went to bed that early on a regular basis?? But then Peter wouldn't have anything to complain about and I know he'd be bored at home... I'm doing it for you, honey.


  1. hahaha! Peter with nothing to complain about and nothing to do when he came home? That wouldn't be very nice of you. I'm going to try that whole wheat bread! Although I can't promise I won't use the bread machine. And yep, it's the Candy Cane ice cream! I try and load up on it every year at Christmas time. It never lasts me long though...

  2. Wow! Way to be productive! My question is, what was Simon doing this whole time? And what can I do to get Asher to let his mom be more productive in the kitchen? Ha, ha. :)

  3. Suzie... that's what nap time is for! Luckily Simon had a LONG nap (for once) and I didn't need one.


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