Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a new look

It's not spring anymore!

The photo that had been at the top of this blog was from David and Kristi's wedding day at the end of May. It was of Simon giving me a lilac blossom... lilacs have long been extinct around here, as will be every color other than WHITE very shortly.

Seeing as we're expecting between 20-30 cms of snow (that'd be around 10" for you yanks) between this afternoon and tomorrow, I might be saying "It's not fall anymore." much sooner than I'd like! But before that happens, I thought I'd change the look of this blog.

The new picture above is from our first day back home with Peter after being gone for almost three weeks. We spent the better part of the afternoon out in the backyard raking/playing in the leaves. Here are a few more pictures:

(Peter and Liam look really cute in this next picture. I, on the other hand, look like I travelled all day the day before, went to bed around 2am and hardly slept... I'm sure I'll be rocking a similar look for the next 8-10 weeks... or the next 8-10 years!)

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