Saturday, October 25, 2008

a busy week

I've been pretty awful at updating this blog, however am planning to get back into it.

We've had a full week since getting back from Regina, so here are a few great and not-so-great highlights:

- Liam's welcome back to school. For a boy who had a hard time making friends because of the language barrier, you'd think he was a returning rock star the way the kids welcomed him back on Monday! Two of his classmates saw him walk up to the gate and immediately started calling for the teacher and other students. He got many hugs from both the boys and girls amid squeals of "Liam! Liam est de retour!". He was just standing there beaming and I could tell how wonderful it felt. It also did this mama's heart good to see her boy thus welcomed.

- "Best" two out of three? Tuesday I was SO BEAT during the day that I found myself falling asleep on the couch at 3pm. This lead to my going to bed at 9:00pm in an effort to catch up on some sleep. Well around 10:30pm, Peter woke me with those dreaded words... "Simon just threw up all over his crib." Great. So I found myself washing the worst of it down the drain around 11pm after we'd gotten him cleaned up and calmed down. Then I hardly slept the rest of the night since he was in bed between us and I was anxious about a round two.

Then Thursday night at 2:30am (you know, that hour that you should be in your deepest, most restful sleep?), I heard Liam calling frantically for me. Yup, you guessed it. More puke. At least I managed to heave his 40+lbs out of bed and run him to the bathroom where most of it ended up in the toilet, but his sheets needed to be stripped aswell. Once again, we ended up with a boy in our bed and a less than restful night.

- Preparing for winter. Some of you in the south may not have heard of this (you certainly don't have need for it!), but Peter and I have gotten into the habit of putting plastic on our windows in the winter. Basically, we shrink-wrap them. It insulates them almost as well as adding another pane of glass would. It's a bit of work -and is kind of ghetto- but it feels good to know that it'll pay off when winter sets in... likely soon.

- Dreaming of fabric. Knowing that all the plastic would soon be up, and now that it's getting dark so much sooner and our lights are on that much more, I've started going through my stash of fabric to see what I can come up with for curtains. I have enough fabric to make the main bodies of all the curtains we'll need, but I'd love to get some new fabric (I know, I know, mom, I don't need more but it's so much fun to dream!). Specifically some from Heather Ross' Mendocino line (sorry I don't know how to do a proper link... I'll figure it out someday). I've never been into mermaids or anything like that, but I just can't get enough of this line!

(Sara and Matt, please be having a girl! Pleeeeeease!!)

I do have some fun pics to post, so will try to do that this week.

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  1. wow, things to look forward to! Cleaning up puke sounds exciting! :) That fabric is actually really nice. I'm not into mermaids, but those prints are really unique, and I actually really like them! As for having a girl, we'll let you know on Monday after our ultrasound!


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