Friday, June 15, 2012

Eloise Amora Kaye

With the dawning of tomorrow's day, our baby girl will complete her first spin around the sun. 


Our sweet Eloise. 

One year passed. 




She is DEFINITELY our last. Our last baby and, this, our last first birthday. For the last few 
weeks, this thought has been sending me into bouts of melancholy and nostalgia. 

Our baby girl is so sweet and so little... how can she be a year already? Where has it gone??


And in my refusal to face the reality of passing time, I have made NO preparations 
and put NO effort into planning her celebration. To assuage this particular mommy guilt, 
I hope to dust off the sewing machine and whip up a little crown or bunting or something 
to mark this momentous occasion. 

And it is momentous. 

Our baby is one year old.


Aversions to sleeping in her crib aside, she is... just AWESOME. Sweet and smiley and friendly, so easy to laugh, fearless and determined, bright and lovely and full of so much personality. She was our wee Colombian surprise, but I just cannot fathom my life and our family without her in it.


In looking up the meanings of her names again, I'm surprised at how fitting each of her names is:

Eloise: a mix of Eleanor meaning light and Lois meaning good
Amora: means love
Kaye: either pure or rejoice

She is pure love, goodness, light and joy. That's Eloise.


Tomorrow will likely be a quiet day, with daddy at work and the rest of us enjoying our 
last day with Grandma before she heads back west. We will (hopefully) wake slowly, have the 
birthday girl's favourite eggs for breakfast, bake some cupcakes, do a bit of crafting, a lot of playing, and a ton of loving on our baby girl. All along my camera will not be far from hand as I try to document her special day. 


To freeze the time that is going way too fast.


You are loved, Eloise.


  1. Thank you Amy for putting these adorable pictures on your blog!!! Eloise is just the cutest little girl and I can hardly believe she is one year old!!!!!! Sounds like you are totally enjoying her. Every week, I have checked to see if you have anything on your blog, but know you have a very busy full life and that is a celebration also! Happy Birthday, Eloise!!!! Our love to all of you! Hugs, A. Dianne

  2. A beautiful post Amy for a beautiful little girl. Happy birthday Eloise! Come visit soon!

  3. oh that is so sweet! She is so adorable! Happy Birthday Eloise! You are one lucky girl to have been born into such a wonderful family!

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet Eloise! We miss you!! When will we get to see you next? Wonderful tribute to Eloise on her 1st birthday! It WILL be a special day....not a lot of "extras" needed...just time to love, play and enjoy! That is the best gift. So glad you can be there for this special day, Grandma Elenore. You've been able to celebrate 2 birthdays during this visit. So special!! Love, Nana

  5. Oops....typo...Grandma Eleanor!! Mora

  6. Happy Birthday!!! We love you so much, Eloise! You have the sweetest spirit and are absolutely adorable! Make sure your brothers give you lots of hugs for us!

  7. Still can't believe she's ONE!!!! What a beautiful and joy-filled little wonder. Love and miss you guys!!!
    Sara & Matt

  8. It's funny because my nephew is about 15 months old and I can't believe how much he's changed in that short time.

  9. Oh my! She is so adorable! Your post makes me tear up inside as I look at my own kids having grown so fast. I agree... where does the time go? I love your photos, and lil Eloise is absolutely precious! Happy birthday, lil girl!

  10. Happy Birthday Eloise! Hope you had a great day of celebrating together. I just have to add that in picture #11 she looks a lot like her Auntie Lynette.

  11. She is just beautiful! Hope you enjoyed the bittersweet day and the many, many more to come. What a beautiful family!


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