Wednesday, March 14, 2012

(right now) I am...

I've posted once this year. ONCE. 

And only seven times since we moved back to Canada in August. Seven times in seven months. And while I'm struck by the lovely symmetry -lucky seven and all that- perhaps I'll draw from that completeness and try to open a new chapter here, so to speak.

Clearly this is a phase of life where "something has to give" and that something has been the blog. But it makes me sad when I think of all the stories I didn't tell. All the pictures I've taken over the last HALF A YEAR that have not seen the light of blog. 

Since I started this blog as a record for my kids to have when their older, I feel like I've let them down by my neglect of this space. Weekly, I resolve to dig into those hundreds (thousands?) of pictures. To cull, edit, export, upload and post. And write informative/meaningful/engaging/witty/love-filled stories to go with them all. Then I start thinking about all the other posts that never got written... Liam's 7th birthday, various visits from family over the last 2-3 years, the amazing deck Peter and his dad built summer '10, our Easter week spent with three other families at a vacation rental in Colombia last April, the baby shower that was held for me in Bogota hosted by a dear friend, a last fun filled, Nerf battle playdate that Liam had with friends before leaving Colombia... 

And the list goes on. 

And I get overwhelmed.

And I do nothing.

So instead of trying to go back through the last two years and write every story that should have been written, I am instead choosing to simply write about what's been going on this week. 

Thanks to the Scintilla Project for the writing prompt, to Soulemama for the format, and to my sister for nagging on my Facebook wall.

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Jan Feb Mar mosaic


:: Enjoying the thought that spring is coming. Bulbs are beginning to sprout new growth and buds will soon be appearing on the trees. I can sense things slowly starting to wake up... me too, perhaps?
:: Seeing the disaster in the boys' room grow and grow and grow. While they're loving having all their Lego and Playmobil in their room (while the basement is a job site), I start to twitch every time I'm forced to enter.
:: Missing my mom after her visit in February.
:: Searching on kijiji and craigslist for that perfect vintage/retro/mid-century couch.
:: Watching my calendar fill up with spring maternity, newborn and family photo sessions.
:: Smelling a whole new array of smells from the diapers of an eight month old who's being introduced to new foods daily. Motherhood is glamourous. 
:: Putting away the calamine lotion and calendula cream (finally!) after having the chicken pox spread from Liam/Simon to Andrew to Eloise. They didn't love it, but now it's over with. Yay for immunity!
:: Looking at design ideas and paint chips as we plan the finishing touches on our basement reno.
:: Waiting for the drywall guys to arrive. They're 2 hours late and counting.
:: Wishing that life would slow down just a little. Except for the drywall guys. They can hurry up.
:: Hearing the confidence in Liam's voice as he reads (on his own! chapters at a time! with only a little bribery!), and amazed at Simon's reading ability for only being five years old.
:: Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that has to be done and all we'd like to do.
:: Reminding myself of where my priorities lie.
:: Remembering how very much I have to be thankful for.
:: Laughing at the boys daily. They drive me crazy on a routine basis, but they also bring such great joy and laugher and fun to life.
:: Being more and more aware of areas where I fall short and where I want to improve/change/grow. This is a good thing!
:: Working on organizing those thousands of photos I've taken over the last many years.
:: Tickled that Simon and Andrew like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.
:: Noticing how much longer and warmer our days are getting. Hooray!
:: Recording Simon's use of the term "yesternight" and Andrew's pronunciation of "yicken pox".
:: Happy that Liam enjoys the Rick Mercer Report just as much as Peter and I do.
:: Hoping that Eloise won't break a bone before she actually learns to walk SINCE SHE THINKS SHE ALREADY CAN. 
:: Listening to the sound of Liam rummaging through drawers of Lego upstairs (the soundtrack of my life), Simon and Andrew giggling/fighting while making silly videos of themselves on the computer, and Eloise breathing deeply as sleeps in my arms.
:: Knitting, um, lots in my head! I'd love to make some toilet paper roll knitting nancys for the boys and see how they take to it.
:: Inspired by Ann Voskamp. Her blog, her reminders to live life fully and THANKFULLY, and this post especially.
:: Thinking of two great men. One recently diagnosed and the other whose journey ended Monday night. I know we're not to live in fear, but cancer scares me.
:: Eating ice cream for breakfast next week in honour of Bruce and Jim and countless others. In Bruce's own words, "as a show of support AND as an affirmation that everyone will vow to live life and not take even the small things for granted".
:: Hoping that this blogging thing sticks for a bit!


  1. Nice to have you back (even if I rarely blog these days myself).

  2. Yay for blog posts! I have missed your posts so much! I understand that you have a lot going on, but so much fun to see your pictures and hear how life is ( are one of the major reason why I have a blog!). Love to all of you!

  3. yeah! so glad to see you back. i hope it sticks too.

  4. Thank you Amy!!!! It is always a delight to read your blogs and see your pictures! This is really the only way we get to see you, Peter and those cute kids! Oh my!! All 4 had the chicken pox!!!! Well, that is over!!!!!! What's next? Your kids are too precious to not be sharing them with their great grandma and great aunt and uncle!!!!! Love you! A. Dianne

  5. Beautiful images to treasure every day ~

  6. This is such a lovely blog, don't give up on it!

  7. Howdy!! Just talked to Mora and she said you two have been painting the basement!! Sounds like busy times! Hugs, A. Dianne

  8. So nice to see you back... as you know, i too have had trouble 'keeping up'... but such is the season of our life right now. this is the busiest we will ever be... right?!?! colombia misses you (well, at least we do). even if you only pop in momentarily on your blog... your words are always full of meaning and your intentions jump off the screen. thank you for the photos, for the links (love that blog too)... wish i was closer so we too could have shared in the chicken pox immunity!!! way to go super mama, wife, daughter, and friend (not to mention photographer and writer and knitter... even if it only happens in your head sometimes... that's where it all begins). Hugs, p and team.

  9. p.s. can you please add Eloise to your side bar!!! ha, ha!!!

  10. She's baaaaackkkkk. YAY! Mac's having a sleepover tomorrow night that I have no doubt will be filled with lots of Nerf wars. If you put Liam on the plane. we'll pick him up at the airport and promise to take very good care of him. Sound like a plan?? xx


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