Friday, July 1, 2011

sweet, snuggly, squishy newborn pics

Just a few pictures from this last week. You don't mind, do you?

A late afternoon nap in an adorable outfit from auntie Heather (organic cotton and Made In Canada... may have to figure out how to sketch this pattern to make more, I love it so much). The sun shining in was so delicious... and who can resist that arms-above-head-can-finally-stretch-out newborn pose? The blanket Eloise is laying on is also from my sister, knit when Liam was born in 2003.

june 22-10june 22-1

Another nap on a sunny afternoon here in Bogota (which has been happening more and more often as of late... we don't miss the rain). Ignore my zebra print pyjamas and focus instead on the sweet little booties Eloise is wearing. A gift from the lovely Jessica. Knit in Saskatchewan with wool from Saskatchewan sheep. Perfect. Just perfect. I might need these in multiple sizes and colours also, so will have to get over my fear of knitting booties.

Liam + Eloise-8

Liam + Eloise-7
knit from the Saartje's Booties pattern on Ravelry

That same night, Liam spent almost an hour just chilling with Eloise on his lap. Light from the lamp over his head was a bit harsh, but I'm still totally in love with these images. Liam is so sweet and attentive with his baby sister. The other day we were driving to his friend's house and she was fussing (she HATES the car seat) and I could hear him in the back seat whispering to her, "Shhhh, shhhh, baby. It's okay. Liam's here. Big brother's here." 


Liam + Eloise-3

Liam + Eloise-5

Liam + Eloise-2

See that hairline? Those cowlicks and widow's peak? Score one for the Bundy side.

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  1. Awwwww I'm in LOVE!

  2. lovelylovelylovely little eloise:)

  3. SO beautiful! The pictures melt my heart. Congratulations to you and your family...Eloise is gorgeous. :)

  4. awwww is right!

  5. You are an INCREDIBLE photographer. I adore your photos.

  6. She is so cute, and what a great big brother Liam is!!


  7. Just precious. Liam IS a phenomenal big brother... that's a score for the entire family. And Eloise is an angel... so alert, so precious. I love the way you play with the light in the first image of Eloise on the couch... a perfect photograph. And i too am IN LOVE with the images of Liam and Eloise. Wow!!! simply spectacular.

  8. oh my. the pics of liam and his baby sis just melted me.

    - smothermother (julie)

  9. Beautiful, precious photos! <3 MY heart is melting! :-)

  10. The second and third to the last shots were great. They speak of something touching between a brother and a sister.


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