Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eloise in a sling, two ways

age: 9 days old
sling: Didymos gold-dyed silk indio, version 2
notes: rebozo carry
(earrings: patina-ed copper from a local artist who sells in the weekend market near our house)

last day of school-5

last day of school-7
another good choice for her red hair, I'd say

last day of school-4

last day of school-1

age: 12 days old
sling: Didymos Laguna indio ringsling
notes: tummy-to-tummy carry... from which I carefully extricated myself to lay her down (still all curled up) on the couch, which she quite perfectly matches

day 12-5day 12-2

day 12-8

day 12-1


  1. Tellement belle! Can't wait to meet her (and see you)!!!


  2. She is absolutely precious, adorable, so beautiful!!! What a wonderful gift from above!!! Can't wait to hold her!! Love, Mom/Mora/Nana

  3. Adore the earrings!! You look gorgeous. She is... scrumptious.

  4. She is BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe how "girly" she looks already. Love you all!

    - Sara (Matt & fam)


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